Diary: Media Attempting to Railroad a Prospect

(moved from diaries. --eric)

By now we all have heard about Lastings Milledge's foray into rap. If you haven't here are the details.

This article was run in yesterday's front news section on page 5, not in the sports section. They even went out and found a City Councilman to be outraged.

"He's lost his mind," said City Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-Queens), who sponsored the Council's resolution that condemned use of the N word. "I don't understand how he could, in the spirit of Jackie Robinson, put out music that's so vile, using . . . some of the worst words in music."

I won't defend Lastings lyrics or rap in general, except to point out that songs that regularly play over Shea Stadium loud speakers makes this look like Spongebob Square pants stuff. It also turns out that the song was made 18 months ago and was never intended for general release.

But according to Manny D's manager, David Rodriguez, that song was made in jest by the duo a year and a half ago and is not scheduled to be a part of his client's yet-to-be-released album.


Milledge of course got a stern talking to from Omar, got sent to bed with out cookies and milk and apologized through the same manager. End of story. Or not. It's not enough to just pull some 1 1/2 year stupid song made by a 22 year old Mets prospect hanging out with his buddy in the winter and make it into front page news. We need to editorialize about it too. Enter Jay Greenburg who dropped this gem in the Post today, who writes that Milledge is a bad seed and should be traded ASAP.

Note that the title of the article is "Last Straw" of all things. Not like the Mets ever had a star RF that may or not have managed to get himself in some trouble from time to time that had shared a last name with a small fleshy red fruit or anything, and happens to be the same ethnicity as Milledge. How special. In the right column a picture of Milledge and his girlfriend appear, with Lastings wearing a 5 finger ring that spells out Gangsta, which of course means he must be one. They couldn't be at a costume party of some sort. Follow on to the text of the article where Greenberg drops this gem.

Kobe Bryant beat a rape rap. Fans only know the players on the field.

I mean Lastings and Kobe Bryant share ethnic background, and Kobe Bryant was accused of rape and the charges were dropped, so Lastings is bad. Airtight logic.

So where does this all lead? The media would have you believe to Milledge being traded. I am beginning to hope that Lastings is traded and becomes a huge star somewhere else. As it is becoming clear to me that the combination of the narrow minded, bigoted media members, who still think they report to Archie Bunker and lemming fans who should demand better of their news outlets, will never report on him without their biases. The media is clearly trying to push him out the door, what do you think?

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