Billy Wagner: 2008 Mets MVP

Every Met fan in the universe should bet caressing any handy picture of Billy Wagner tonight.


All year it's been "The Mets have the most talent!" this and "The Mets will turn it around!" that.  Well f*** that.  I've been getting ripped on the blogs for my stance on Carlos Beltran.  Everything I say gets taken out of context and I see the "great clutch single" comments all the time.  Maybe it's funny, but when you're joking about it on a 2nd inning single, you don't realize what will happen when it's a 9th inning base-running atrocity.

Sorry, folks, the Mets will not *magically* turn it around on their own.  Auto-pilot won't work, folks.  This ain't Airplane, minus the cigarettes.  The Mets need a complete mental change.

Billy Wagner is our only hope of that happening.

His tirade after the game today is what we need.  Where are the accountable?  How many times does he have to sit in the bullpen and watch this "oh so talented" team sleepwalk through games every day?  These guys need some fire.  They need to realize that they need to go out and WIN these games -- no one is handing it to them.  WAKE UP, GUYS.

If the Mets somehow make it to the playoffs with this zombie team, I guarantee you you'll be thanking Billy Wagner.  Not for today, but for what's to come.  He is the only man who sees what's happening.


On the eve of the Subway Series, with Mike Pelfrey's no-hit flirtation squandered, the Mets had a clubhouse eruption Thursday. Closer Billy Wagner looked across the room, in the direction of the vacant locker of Carlos Delgado, and blurted:

"Someone tell me why the ---- you're talking to the closer. I didn't even play. They're over there, not being interviewed."

Wagner paused for dramatic effect. Then, in a scene reminiscent of last year's Paul Lo Duca comments, minus the racial overtones, the closer sarcastically added: "I got it. They're gone. ----ing shocker."


PS - The only other MVP possibility is Omar Minaya, who *must* fire Willie Randolph.  Right now. We need fire and grit and he has abandoned his post as Manager since Cardinals-Mets, Game 7, 8th Inning.

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