Bobby V's solution

Imagine a world where the Mets' pen sucks?  That's unpossible!

I'd like to trade Show; someone's always willing to overpay for a left-handed specialist.  See if we can package him with Schneider for someone.  (No, that's not entirely a pen issue, but Schneider sucks.  Maybe the Reds really will be interested-they've apparently gone from being a professional baseball franchise to a charity.)  But any contender who needs relief help isn't going to be able or willing to offer a quality reliever to help us in return for Show.  And teams that aren't contending won't have any interest in him.  As long as the guy's having a career year, we might as well ride it.

Show should be our primary lefty specialist, but neither he nor Pedro 2 should be allowed to face right-handers.

Move Stokes from the rotation to the pen when Maine comes back. 

Send Muniz back down.  Stokes takes his spot in the pen.

Move Heilman back to middle relief and make Kunz the closer.  He's supposed to be our closer of the future, and he really can't do any worse than Heilman's done.  I don't think Heilman would pass through waivers, and he's really just going through a rough patch, albeit a really rough one.

Sanchez should become the primary set-up man, pitching in the 8th.

Demote Smith (I like him, but it looks like he's hitting a wall again).  Since Wise, Burgos, and Armas are all injured (God, we're snakebit), I say bring up...get ready...Tim McNab from NO.  In 477 1/3 career innings, he's allowed just 25 home runs.  His career WHIP is a quite respectable 1.32, and this season it's only 1.19.  He just turned 28 in June, and despite decent numbers, has never gotten a shot at the big show.

Currently, this gives us a pen of:

Heilman, Sanchez, Feliciano, Stokes, Kunz, McNab, and Schowenweis.

When Wags comes back, we can demote Kunz, McNab, or Stokes; whichever one's sucking the most.


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