AAOP jerk From peekskill

So i made a jerk of myself calling James' idea of trading for Milton Bradley "a retarded idea," so now its your turn to call ME a retard.


C Santos. He is cheap and he is ours.

C Greg Zaun/Molina. I dont want to spend money on these guys but we need a solid back up to Santos with the position is going to Thole in 2011 we all hope. Spend no more than $5mill/1year

1b Murphy / Garrett Atkins. Yup he will be non-tendered by all reports. He is right handed with a bat, plays reasonable D and is a good hitter of Left handed pitching. He should compliment Murphy well and he plays 3b to rest Wright.

2b Castillo. I don't think he will be traded. In this case we will need a good bench glove to relieve him in tight defensive situations and when the Pelf pitches

3b Mr Wright

SS Reyes. Time to show what he is worth in a contract year.

LF Matt Holliday. 5yrs/100mil. The Wilpons will make this splash to show fans "We brought in the big name free agent for YOU!"

CF Mr. Beltran

RF Francgrission. Don't love the guy and don't believe the bull about a "football mentality" but he has an arm and is cheap. Hopefully he is keeping the spot warm for a rejuvenated F-Mart


SP Mr. Santana

SP Randy Wolf.  3 yrs 27m. Should have signed him and not Ollie last offseason. Mr. consistency even if consistency is 2.0 WAR

SP The Pelf. Please improve!

SP O. Perez. Huge contract for a 0 WAR pitcher. His off season should be productive rehabbing in Arizona. Fingers crossed he comes back a reformed man. Might save Omars' job if he wins 15 games.

SP John Maine. Chance he comes out throwing nasty stuff (oh, God please!) but there is the possibility he is done. Someone mentioned he could be a set up man in the 8th inning. Might be good to have him in the pen and sign a Ben Sheets or Rich Harden on a low cost one year deal.


The bench and bullpen are too hard to predict. The closer and 3 spots seem filled and we do need another lefty to rest Pedro. We need speed and a good glove to cover the infield while not spending too much money. I like Pagan as our 4th outfielder a lot, certainly more than a Milton Bradley or Jose Guillen.


Not flashy and not a huge difference from one year ago, but I hope its realistic.

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