ScoutingTheSally (Familia vs Allen)



Mike Newman over at who is a friend of AmazinAvenue does an article comparing pitches of these two Low-A prospects.

Mike mentions that Allen is lacking love from the press, Newman has been on Allen from the time he was drafted in the 24th round.  I also found it funny, that when Rubin came out with his BA Top 10, there was more chatter on the omissions of Kyle Allen, Familia, and Kirk Neuiwenhuis being left off then in the fact that the others made the list.

Familia had his breakout season this year.  Mike states it best in that "if Familia doesn't develop an average changeup, he's headed to be a reliever".  I believe I've stated that before in other posts or at least I've thought about it if I haven't written it before.  Familia is a gamer, there is no doubt about that.

Of the group in Savannah, my money is on Kyle Allen to stick as a Starter.  The kid has just learned how to pitch after only throwing in his Senior year in High School.  I followed Mike's articles this year on Allen and how he got better against better competition over the course of his reporting.  From a developmental standpoint Allen seems to grow leaps and bound as a pitcher vs thrower and looking back he started his last 4 or outings with 17 IPs giving up on 3 hits and 0 runs to start off those games.

I predict Familia as a reliever,  I predict Allen as a #2-#3 because of the arsenal and the average to plus changeup at only 19 and Allen gradually jumping in velocity on the FB over the past year and his strong finish. Completing my predictions of the 4 Savannah guys, I'll throw this out there...Beaulac will make his money in the the pen and Carson as LOOGY.  All 4 of these guys will get to the show.  St Lucie is in for a run at the championship this year as long as they have a defense to field the extensive ground balls this quartet produce.

How about these predictions as well:  Holt (reliever), Mejia (Closer).  Holt because of the lack of secondarys, Mejia because his body type and finger injury.

FYI:  I've seen all these guys pitch more than once.  Including Mejia and Holt, so I'm not only basing it on statistics, I'm basing my predictions on my personal knowledge of the game, certainly this is purely my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.  Please feel free to comment.

Check out his write up on the comparison of Allen and Familia here:

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