Mets Priority Should Be Signing Chapman

Aroldis Chapman is one of the most raw talented pitchers in the world and considered one of the best 3 currently not pitching in MLB. He's a 102 mph lefty at age 21!

He may even be a once in a generation pitcher and all he would cost is money.  Mets should focus on signing him and use whatever's leftover on filling this years needs (OF, innings eating SP).  

Lets face it, everyone knows it's a weak market this year and the team is coming off the most injuries in the history of MLB. The Mets are going to have an extremely hard time being competitive, regardless of who they sign.  As it stands now, the NL east is going to be much more competitive this year than is was last year.  I'm not saying the Mets won't be competitve, but so much of it depends on how the players and team as a whole recovers from their injuries.  It's a sad thing to say, but the emphasis should be on 2011.  If the Mets are in the hunt in the first half of 2010, they could always try make a trade.

So how should the rest of this offseason go...

Obviously they need to add some fielders who can hit, but I'd argue they'd be much better off signing low cost hitting options (Garko, Branyan, DeRosa, Hudson, Nady, Delgado even Damon,etc.) rather than dolling out a long term contract for Holliday or Bay.    

For starting pitching, they could get a proven innings eater to go along with a low risk, high reward incentive deal, such as Escobar, Sheets, Bedard or Wang (in that order).

The bullpen seems like it's been well addressed so far (Dickey is a good signing, regardless of how funny his last name is).  I wish the Mets hadn't let o'day and his submarine get away last year, but Dickey's knuckeball should provide a good change of pace. 

The Mets are also much better off keeping money available for next years free agent market (they should be all over Cliff Lee, if just to spite the Phillies).

To summarize:

1. Sign Chapman.  The yankees and red sox are both heavily financially constrained (especially in SP), which players heavily to the Mets favor.

With what's left moneywise

2. Assuming Holliday and Bay find suitors, sign DeRosa (Garko is the backup), Nady, Rick Ankiel and if the Mets manage to trade Castillo, sign Hudson.  1-2 year deals.  

Regardless of what happens this offseason, the Mets should have Ty Wigginton or DeRosa on roster in 2011.

3. Sign 2 out of the following three (Kelvim Escobar, Sheets, Bedard) to incentive laden deals and forget about the innings eater.  The Mets have two things talented pitchers should crave... money and a pitchers park.  All 3 of these guys have at one time or another been the best pitcher in MLB.

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