Thursday Applesauce

Wow, thanks to everyone yesterday for all the suggestions. It was like a breakfast smorgasbord. The combination of Met baseball and breakfast made my mouth water. Mmmm.... I personally am liking the Met McMuffin, but keep 'em coming. Now to the news:

Around Port St. Lucie

No, that wasn't a typo in yesterday's box score, Luis Castillo had 2 hits and 4 RBI. Maybe the offseason training was favorable for Luis. Newly platooned Ryan Church added 2 hits as well as 3 RBI. Scary moment in the first inning as newly acquired Sean Green was hit by a batted ball and replaced by Pedro Feliciano. All reports are positive and it seems to just be a cracked fingernail.

Today's game will be the first SNY broadcast of the season and is worth watching for the lineup, if for nothing else. Oliver Perez will be in the two hole behind Castillo and followed by Reyes.

Joel Sherman created a little bit of a buzz yesterday when he wrote that Duaner Sanchez may not have the guaranteed roster spot that we all assumed. There are a few things that bug me about this story. Mike Steffanos summarizes my reaction pretty well here. With the bullpen's depth being a major issue last year, why would the Mets look to take one step back after taking two steps forward during the offseason?

With the publication of Baseball America's top 100 prospect list, it seems that every baseball blog has highlighted their team's chosen players. FYI, here is the list of Mets who made the cut.

HoJo thinks F-Mart is close. (Wow, my goal for tomorrow is to use as many nicknames as possible)

Andrew Vazzano disagrees with my faith in Tatis. I think he's overestimating Tatis's role. He wound up starting in a ton of games last year, but that was in a less than ideal situation. Hopefully, Tatis will be more of a role player/spot starter this year, which will keep him from being overexposed.

I kind of feel sorry for anyone who knew who the St. Lucie pitching coach was.

This goes back to some of yesterday's comments. Do we really want to paint everyone with a broad brush? Even Piazza?

NL East News

The Nationals' front office purge may have begun with the firing of Special Assistant Jose Rijo.

Ah, the Marlins have another five tool outfielder to get excited about, who they will promptly trade for more five tool outfielders and/or power pitching.

The Marlins are looking to sure up their bullpen with Ohman and Cordero.

What did I say in my first post about hope? The Marlins are "powered by it". Every other team who doesn't have hope better watch out. Hope is the poor man's starting pitching.

Philadelphia's payroll: $130 million.

Around Baseball

Oh no! A-Rod got in a car with his best friend/cousin! The horror! Oh, he also hit a homer after being booed mercilessly in his first AB.

Miguel Tejada will be sitting out the WBC.

MANNY ALERT!!!! The Dodgers have apparently upped their offer to two years as talks have intensified. Hopefully, this deal will get done soon so that we can finally stop talking about him.

Good luck Endy!

I'm beginning to get nervous that the new Yankee Stadium will be better than Citi Field. I'm not sure that I can afford to have my inferiority complex get much worse.

Philadelphia News

Raul Ibanez got an RBI in his Phillie (what is the correct singular form for the Phillies???) debut, but the pitching struggled in an 8-2 loss to Pittsburgh.

Random News

Wow. Classic video of Steve Somers, the perfect face for radio.

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