Friday Applesauce

9-0. That was as lopsided and encouraging a Spring Training game as I can remember. Everything, from Oliver Perez's no walks to Carlos Delgado's baserunning to Jose Reyes two HRs, indicated that this was a team that was ready to make a statement. I'm going to try and not get too excited about it (it is Spring Training after all), but that was a truly dominating performance.

Around Port St. Lucie

Here is the box score from yesterday's game. Luis Castillo continued his strong start with two runs, a hit, and two walks. The whole starting lineup was on target, with homers from Beltran and Reyes (one of which was a grand slam into the wind), and multiple hits from Delgado and Wright. Every starting position player got a hit. A new name to watch out for is Dillon Gee.

Mike Pelfrey will get his first spring start this afternoon at 1:00 against the Cardinals. The game will once again be broadcast on MLB.TV, the greatest invention since the wheel.

Using an abundance off caution, Johan Santana will skip his start today with a tender elbow. The key quote here is from Jerry Manuel: "If this was the regular season, he would pitch."

Two important things from this post. Most importantly, Professor Reyes will return this season, but also, Jerry is looking to get his windshield replaced on his Cadillac.

Here's a deeper look at the Mets included on Baseball America's Top 100. Steve Brad Holt is the guy I'm most excited about. It's been a while since the Mets have had a power pitching prospect of this quality.

Tim Redding is planning to play catch today instead of throw from a mound.

One can only hope. It's amazing what two good Spring Training games can do for your reputation.

I'm liking a lot of these suggestions. My greatest fear for Citi is that it's devoid of any character.

Around the NL East

Met killer Adam Eaton has been released by the Phillies. And there was much rejoicing.

The Philadelphia City Paper has quite the inflammatory list on Mets fans, which inspired this response. The only thing I have to say is that the article didn't deserve such a well-reasoned and well-researched response.

In other news, Philadelphia's fictional sports hero is a roided up monster.

Flip this Major League Baseball team

Uh oh. We should probably prepare for nightmares involving this guy. Two perfect innings, six strikeouts, 99 mph.

Around the League

MANNY ALERT!!!!! Ramirez rejected the Dodgers' two-year $45 million contract offer. 

Three teams are interested in Pedro, but no offers. Fortunately, the Mets are not one of the three.

Joba Chamberlain may pitch the opener at Yankee Stadium.

Former Met prospect Justin Huber signed a minor league contract with the Twins.

Your Stat Fix

Pay attention to slugging percentage in spring training.

Here's an interesting look at the stolen base in pressure situations.

It is too bad that there's no good way to quantify solid middle relief pitching besides the number of antacids the fans pop during appearances.

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