One Week and Problems Persist

Seven days until pitchers and catcher report.  There is no sweeter sound in all the world.  The long winter's chill begins to disappear knowing that the crack of the bat will soon be heard.

But, despite the warmth of a wonderful Hot Stove season, the Mets are still filled with holes and Omar Minaya needs to fill them.  This seems to be an annual problem that the team faces and it is one of the reasons why they keep falling short with a championship caliber team.

Last year, he hoped to win the NL East by depending on three players better suited for AARP than MLB. By placing his bets on Moises Alou, Pedro Martinez and Orlando Hernandez, the GM was hoping that Ponce DeLeon was going to visit the clubhouse.

This year he is once again leaving too much to chance.  A left field combination of Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis is ludicrous.  He is looking to two infielders with a modicum of power to fill a home run hitters position.  They are also a fielding catastrophe waiting to happen.

The possibility of signing Will Ohmen presents a wonderful chance to finish off the cataclysmic bullpen with a horse.  This is a good thing.

But, the biggest mistake is not eating the Luis Castillo contract.  If there is one player that symbolizes the Minaya regime, it's the former Twin.  He is crippled, has not speed, power or ability anymore.  Yet, Omar signed him for 4 years, $18 million.  Unless the Wilpons are really financially damaged by the Madoff scandal, it's time to swallow hard or buy him out. 

So, as we look forward to video of fun in the Florida sun, it's time for the Mets brass to go to work.  They have been busy this winter and need to pick up the pace and complete this squad.  There isn't much time. 

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