Tuesday Applesauce

Hey all. Sorry for disappearing yesterday. I was saying a long good bye to my old apartment and didn't have the time or energy to do a quick hello to the Applesauce crowd. Anyway, happy St. Patrick's Day and here's today's news:

Around Port St. Lucie

There was no game yesterday, as the Mets took an off-day before this afternoon's 1:05 game against the Braves. Jonathan Niese and Bobby Parnell are scheduled to make their pitch to be on this year's opening day roster.

Hopefully, they won't ever need him, but the Mets signed Junior Spivey.

The Mets have named Julio Franco and Mike DiFelice managers of Single-A teams in their minor league system.

Rocky Cherry has been put on waivers and will probably return to the Orioles. The bullpen will probably survive, and looks like it will include both Darren O'Day and Bobby Parnell

The Mets Police has named the All-Irish Met Team. Enjoy.

It's official, Shea Stadium is gone.

This New York Magazine article is a few days old, but it's definitely worth a read. 2006 was an amazing year where the Mets played fun, loose, exciting baseball, and it just didn't work out. That team, with almost all of the same players, is still here, but they don't have that same excitement, that same youthful joy. It's a shame, but that's what happens when a team collapses. It hasn't brought a winning maturity yet, instead it has brought a fear of a repeat.

Around the NL East

Chipper's injury plagued Spring has ended his run at the WBC. Meanwhile, another old Brave is doing enough to make Bobby Cox happy.

The Phillies are doing some roster cuts, but mainly I just wanted to highlight a player named Antonio Bastardo.

Nationals starter Shawn Hill made his return to the mound yesterday after a year of injuries, throwing a shutout inning and striking out two. Jordan Zimmerman went another four shutout innings and struck out six. 

Cole Hamels is returning home from camp to have his elbow examined.

I could've put this up in the Met section, but since it's bad news about Lenny Dykstra, I'm going to label him a former Phillie. Apparently the former steroid addict is also a lousy boss who uses homophobic and racist slurs.

Around MLB

The Rays are close to naming their fifth starter, and it probably won't be David Price.

I love Bobby Valentine. The man has a dream about Japanese baseball and he's going to keep trying to stay involved.

The Padres have signed Duaner Sanchez.

The Astros have signed Ivan Rodriguez. The Mets still have Ramon Castro.


Have a great day everyone!

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