Tuesday Applesauce

Sorry for the delay. I was navigating the opening day ticket system. That was way more complicated than it needed to be, and hence has made this morning's applesauce a little staler than normal, but tastier nevertheless following a gratifying purchase.

Around Port St. Lucie

This whole Johan Santana mess makes no sense to me. Now that the snow storm has passed, get him on a plane and just double check with a doctor. The only reasonable explanation that I have for this is that the story was overblown from the very start and now they want it to be gone for good. But Wallace Matthews makes a good point: the Mets do not have a good track record with this sort of thing. I really hope that this is just something to fill columns during a slow sports time, but I will only really know for sure when Santana is on the mound.

Whoever is left in St. Lucie will be playing the Cardinals this afternoon at 1:10 on SNY and MLB.TV. 

Here's more on pitching prospect Dillon Gee. This is the first that I've heard that he has "good stuff." I thought the prevailing story was that he was a control pitcher and his lack of stuff is the reason he has gone unnoticed to date. However, it's hard to argue with that WHIP and the results in his minor league career. I will definitely be keeping an eye on him this year.

Mets Geek presents a composite ranking for Mets prospects. 

Remember those runs saved arguments about Rey Ordonez? I seem to remember one year in particular where Ordonez had an adequate batting average and we were trying to compare him favorably to Derek Jeter because he saved us a ton of runs. Well, we now have a defensive player who saves a ton of runs and we still don't really embrace him

Castro vs. Pudge? If they're willing to trade Castro for something, a prospect or relief pitcher needing a change of scenery, then I would just as soon have Robinson Cancel backing up Schneider than Pudge. 

Does Pedro still have a chance to be the fifth starter? I really hope things don't get that bad.

Around the NL East

Phillies fans are getting excited about John Mayberry. Seems he's having an Angel Pagan-type spring so far.

The Marlins are trying to make Jeremy Hermida into an adequate defensive left fielder. The guy's swing makes him worth the effort.

Here's a profile of Atlanta's two youngest invitees to Spring Training.

Around MLB

The Red Sox have already filled their quota for pitching risks.

I'm excited to see David Price pitch for a whole season. I really hope he wins the fifth starter's spot. Let's see how he fares in the new Yankee Stadium. 

This would infuriate me if I were a Reds fan. A guy with Phillips' talent needs to figure out how to get on base and score runs, and that doesn't mean just getting base hits.

More Steve Somers

One of the few redeeming parts of living in Washington, DC, so far away from any true interest in the Mets, is that I can occassionally listen to Steve Somers at night when the radio signal reaches here. Anyway, here's another Somers classic.

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