Humpday Applesauce

How did the Mets re-sign Aaron Heilman and I not hear about it? I'm the freaking news guru! I must be slipping.

Meet the Mets

Gary Sheffield tripled, Livan pitched adequately, but Sean Green couldn't get out of his own way in the fateful 4 run 7th inning, giving up the lead and handing the Marlins a 3 run lead of their own. There are other concerns besides Green's awful/overworked beginning of the season. The Mets have 12 home runs this season, third worst in the majors and consistently look meek when faced with a deficit. That lack of power may not get any better, either, as Carlos Delgado remains sore after a cortisone shot to his right hip.

Is Jerry relying too much on the newly upgraded bullpen? Wasn't Livan supposed to throw 120 pitches/start?

The Freddy Garcia era has ended and Willy Mo time has begun.

Josh Thole speaks!

The Mets have signed 33 year old infielder Mike Lamb. Lamb will report to AAA Buffalo.

Around the NL East

John Maine may have knocked Hanley Ramirez out of the lineup for a few more days. The hand is not broken, fortunately (I'm a good sport, what can I say?). Marlin brass is getting frustrated with Hanley's lack of hustle

The Phillies thumped the Nationals last night, 7-1, but in the meantime lost Cole Hamels to yet another injury. This one was a sprained ankle from fielding a John Lannan bunt. He will probably be OK. Meanwhile, the Phils are taking a cautious approach with ailing closer Brad Lidge. Raul Ibanez homered again last night, making the Phillie Phaithful forget about Pat Burrell. Adam Dunn sparked a furious one run National rally with this enormous home run.

Matt Diaz led the Braves over the Cardinals 2-1 in Atlanta. Jo-Jo Reyes made the strong start, pitching 7 effective innings. Meanwhile, Tom Glavine is steadily making his way back to the Brave rotation.

Around MLB

The Yankees have lowered their ticket prices to get people to fill the empty seats adjust for the economic slowdown. Could all those empty seats be because of Stubhub? Phil Hughes made a dominant first start of the season last night, in the Yankee 11-0 victory. 

A few injuries from the NL Central: Edwin Encarnacion out with a chipped bone in his wrist; and Jose Valverde out with a strained calf.

Why have there been so many grand slams this early? Because there have been more walks.


This is it, the one day out of five where the Mets have a better pitcher on the mound than their opposition. Don't waste it!

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