Devil's Advocate 2.0

For anyone who missed it, I decided to run a season long comparison of the guys Omar actually chose versus the guys he could/should have chosen.  You can check out the original post here to see where the matchups stood about a month ago. And without any further ado...


                   3567461384_4a528a8e77_o_medium                        *statistics as of Monday, May 25                       3566649067_406d6e58d9_o_medium

Oliver Perez 21.2 9.97 20.8 3 7.20 .378
Derek Lowe 62.2 3.45 16.1 2 3.16 .266
  • Didn't think it could get worse, then it did...Believe it or not Ollie is only the 3rd worst in pitches thrown per inning among qualified NL starters while Lowe is way way down on the list at #71...the BABIP's actually do suggest that Lowe's getting a bit lucky while Ollie was quite unlucky; but does that mean anything? no


                       3567496350_f8a4621cb2_o_medium                                                                                            3567496326_d2d367f437_o_medium

Luis Castillo 0.282 0.364 0.339 11 6 -2.9
Orlando Hudson 0.344 0.412 0.497 29 4 -2.6
  • Though still quite valuable, Castillo has come back to the pack a bit while Hudson is still surging as one of the top second baseman not named Utley/Kinsler...just to really tip the scales, Hudson has appeared in 46 games compared to Castillo's 37...though Castillo still sports the better BB/K (Castillo: 1.31  Hudson: .77) and neither has been great defensively...and apparently Hudson's middle name is Thill, strangely enough...
                     3566684407_8ef94ccb45_o_medium                                                  3566684675_fb532d63a3_o_medium   3566684285_2a16c03728_o_medium

  IP ERA WHIP HR/9 BB/9 Saves/Opp
Francisco Rodriguez 21.2 0.83 1.02 0.42 4.15 13/13
Kerry Wood 15.0 7.20 1.80 2.40 6.00 7/9
Brian Fuentes 16.2 4.32 1.44 0.54 3.24 12/14
  • This guy is quickly becoming my favorite Met...Although, K-Rod's peripherals, especially that walk rate, will probably not allow that perfect season we're all hoping for...but you can't argue with results and this guy has been far and away the best of the bunch and really the best closer in baseball so far...surprising how bad Wood has been, hes already allowed 4 HRs but his BABIP is high at .368 and his Avg. FB velocity hasn't been this high since 2003...Fuentes has been quietly OK but nothing special

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