Carmela Applesauce

That's right, the Mets are back in first place at 26-20 after sweeping the Nationals. And Carmela Soprano was at the park.

Meet the Mets

In what Johan Santana called "like the weirdest game ever," the Mets defeated the Nationals 7-4. Daniel Murphy collected five rbi, two of which came from a controversial go-ahead two-run home run. The home run was the fourth use of instant replay in five games for the Mets who have benefited all four times. 

Manny Acta after the game:

Like today, the either need to get better feeds, more feeds, or something. I am not a geometry expert, but that sign hangs over the warning track, the upper deck. And there's no explanation for that ball hitting the upper deck, coming down, and then bouncing forward the Modell's sign. It's supposed to clear everything out, and these last two it hasn't been that way. Something has to be done, because we all just want the right call to be made.

All this talk about angles made me take a look at the replay for the second spitter as well.

Fernando Martinez is still hitless, and is not running out of the box either. Larry Brooks thinks it's symptomatic of the franchise. This fan might want to hide his new jersey after seeing that. Mike Silva encourages tempered enthusiasm for the 20 year old.

Sam does an outstanding job of highlighting some of the Mets' potential trade targets. Matt Cerrone takes a little bit more of a blockbuster approach. I wouldn't hold out much hope for Adrian Gonzalez.

Alex Cora is expecting to play a short time in Buffalo before returning early next week. That is nice.

Speaking of Buffalo, not a very positive description of Oliver Perez's first outing.

The Mets and Phillies will make up their May 3rd rainout on September 13th in a day night doubleheader.

Around the NL East

It would be pretty rough to be a Nationals fan after the last two nights. Two tough replays went against you. The entire team is on the trading block. And now the team is linked to a major steroid bust in Central Florida.

The Marlins have gotten their bonds rated for their new stadium

On the field, the Marlins took the series from the Phillies, after winning 6-2 behind reliever turned starter Burke Badenhop. Emilio Bonifacio started at shortstop for the injured Hanley Ramirez. Philly starter Brett Myers left in the sixth inning with a hip inflammation. 

Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel has lost weight

Randy Johnson got his 299th career victory last night, beating the Braves. 

Around MLB Pretty self explanatory.

Grieving Scott Schoenweis returned to Chase Field to get some activity in.

The man accused of driving the car that killed Nick Adenhart was indicted.

Carlos Zambrano freaked out at the home plate umpire yesterday over a play at the plate. The Cubs have Milton Bradley, Carlos Zambrano AND Lou Piniella. That is a hot blooded team.

Former Cy Young winner Eric Gagne has signed with the Quebec Capitals in his native Canada.

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