19-9 Applesauce

The Mets were 19-9 in May with their DL clogged with their starting first baseman/cleanup hitter, their shortstop/leadoff hitter, their right fielder, their projected #4 starter/$12 million man, and their star third baseman has only hit 3 home runs. Not too bad.

Meet the Mets

The big news over the weekend was the trade that sent backup catcher Ramon Castro to the White Sox for pitching prospect Lance Broadway. James takes a look at Castro's greatest moments. Meanwhile, NY Sports Dog says to hell with numbers

Oliver Perez's crappy year continues. He now has tendinitis. Well, his year can't be that crappy, he has managed the biggest heist in Met history so far. 

Good news for Jose Reyes. He is expecting to return to action on Friday.

The Mets have acquired outfielder Emil Brown from the Padres for a player to be named later.

The Mets Police continues their outstanding work on the new Citi Field. This time they may have discovered that the Mets have screwed up the placement of their Shea "monuments."

How does Santana's bad luck stack up in baseball history?

Metsradamus has an amusing suggestion for a new uniform.

Pedro Feliciano has been pretty good this year. Again.

For your enjoyment: Fernando Tatis jimmy tapping Pelfrey and Perez.

Larry Brooks continues to jump the shark

Around the NL East

The Phillies don't have the money for mid-level pitchers, so they want to acquire an ace to replace Brett Myers. Oliver Perez's contract makes that sentence actually make sense. Antonio Bastardo will make the initial start in Myers' absence.

UVA struck out 15 times against San Diego State ace Stephen Strasburg, but still beat the future #1 pick, 5-1. Be sure to pay attention to the contract talks between Strasburg and the Nationals. They are sure to be entertaining.

Chipper Jones is still struggling with a bum toe.

Tom Glavine will make one more rehab start on Tuesday before likely joining the Braves rotation during their current homestand.

Jamie Moyer finally got his 250th career win.

Around MLB

Remember when the Mets could have signed Joe Torre as manager again? He also thinks Manny as an All-Star is bad.

The Colorado Rockies have fired Clint Hurdle.

The White Sox are having a hard time finding an ace pitcher who wants to come to them. Being 24th in MLB in runs scored isn't helping. They did put up a few yesterday against Zack Greinke.

Someone has stolen Ted Williams' fishing paraphenalia in New Hampshire.

Joe Mauer is good.

The Reds have placed 1B Joey Votto on the 15-day DL for problems relating to his ear infection.

The Brewers are staying mum on a possible repeat of a trading deadline ace pitcher.

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