My First Fan Post

Hi To All Those Amazin Mets Fans Out There,

Hi, welcome to my first fan post!   I am Christopher Porter and I am a nineteen year old Mets fan who lives in the southwest section of Connecticut.  I have been a Mets fan all my life and my choice of becoming a Mets fan was quite simple for me considering that both my parents are fellow Mets fans.  You can find more about the personal side of me in my profile. 

I found this website on and after checking out many of the Mets Fan websites out there that are not affiliated with the Mets I settled on this one.  So why did I join this site?  I joined this site after following several Mets sites including this one for several months.  You may ask why I did I not join them all?  I maybe the bonafide Mets fan...(which sometimes I need to be more humble about) but I am straying off the topic at hand and that is why I liked this site.  This site attracted me because it seems like there is a definitely  a feeling of community here on this site, the fact it allows for Blog Entries which is great, and the knowledge of users are second to none. 

As I am typing this exact line it is 6:33 am on Father's Day, June 21, 2009, which is supposed to be the longest day of the year, and it is raining outside my window and it is making me think of of last night's game when we witnessed a rain delay at Citi Field.  Yesterday was my parents' 28th and 29th anniversaries considering they married on June 20, 1981 after meeting exactly a year earlier on the same date but of the year 1980.  During the rain delay I was thinking, "Wow Chris, 28-29 years...long time for mom and dad, hope their dinner is going well,"   They were dining in Ridgefield, CT."  Yet I was also thinking how around that almost six months before they met (no pun here) in January of 1980 that the Mets had been acquired by two new owners in Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon and how they promised to turn the team around from the depths of the "Dark Ages."   Yet many new owners use this cliche while few actually put it into action like these two gentlemen did. 

From there my mind was flipping like a Mets history book of that two year span of 1980 to 1981, six months before my parents had met, to the first year of dating, to the final six months which would be the first half year of the marriage.  So my thoughts continued with how they hired Frank Cashen who ironically was the General Manager of the 1969 Baltimore Orioles to build them a winning ball club.  He then turned around and hired Della Femina, Travisano & Partners to handle the Press Relations.  Note: This was the firm who coined the Mets slogan, "The Magic is Back" which you can read more about this story in a New York Times article published on July 24, 1984. 

Cashen then made a few small insignificant trades but in that year he selected a tall, lanky eighteen year old, who would become one of the main faces of the 1986 team.  This player was Darryl Strawberry who we as Mets fans have come to call, "Straw." It is amazing since almost 20 years after leaving the Mets (roughly the same amount of time I have been on this planet) that he still leads the Mets in two of the three Triple Crown Categories, (Homeruns & Runs Batted In.)  Also, the Mets selected Billy Beane, the current Oakland Athletics General Manager, but he never played a crucial or even small part with the Mets. 

Further on in 1980, the Mets were flirting with .500 until they lost approximately 40 out of 50 of their last possible games.  Though this may have been seen as a poor finish after the season had finished it showed some stark differences from the 1979 season.  Attendance had gone up a three fold from approximately 400,000 in 1979 to 1.2 million in 1980 and the Mets had moved up one place in the standings from the basement of the National League East to fifth place. 

In the offseason of 1980 there was a key signing of Kevin Mitchell who later showed up on the 1986 ball club.  Also, the Mets signed an aging former star for them who played back in 1972-1975 in Rusty Staub a.k.a. "Le Grand Orange."  Then in 1981, most evident in the draft only 12 days before my parents married on June 8th the Mets made a couple draft picks who would show up in the 1986 World Series.  They first selected Roger Clemens in the 12th Round though he did not sign. (What a pitching duo that would be, "The Rocket & Dr. K?"  Sadly we will never know how this turned out.)  Then in the next round the unlucky or was it the lucky 13th Round because the Mets selected Lenny Dykstra who we call with love, "Nails." 

Because of the strike in 1981 season the Mets and every other team played two halves which the Mets played consistently poor in the first half winning exactly one-third of their games to teasing .500 in the second half when they finally finished 4 games under .500.  The Mets were just starting their engines to the 1986 World Series and on a final note Davey Johnson managed the Texas League Champions (AA) in the Jackson Mets.  I hope you my first fan post and do not hesitate to send me any email messages.  Take care for now and expect a substantial more content from me on this site.

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