My Updated Mets Offseason

After info on Carlos Beltran and Victor Martinez, the odds of them playing for the Mets in 2010 is just about Zilch. So I'm going to bring you the Mets 2009-2010 offseason now:


For estimated Payroll info, click here


Non-Tender Jeff Francoeur

1. Either Sign Adam LaRoche to a 1-year, $6 million contract or trade a package of John Maine & Kirk Nieuwenhuis to the Toronto Blue Jays for Lyle Overbay

Explanation: LaRoche is going to be a 30-year old free agent 1B who you can expect a .270/.340/.480 line from. The problem is, he's going to have a lot of players of similar value to him on the market this year in Aubrey Huff and Nick Johnson. My guess is, he's going to sign a 1 year deal and wait for 2011 where the only legitimate competition he could have is Derrek Lee (yes, Carlos Pena will be a free agent but he'll end up traded and extended).

Of course I could be wrong on LaRoche, but if I am there's always Overbay. He's rather expensive to the Blue Jays who I don't think see themselves contending in 2010 especially if the trade Halladay. I'm sure they'd like a nice, controllable pitcher for 2 years, contenders or not. I think Maine has little use for the Mets -- he has no durability and is an injury risk -- but to a team with extra pitchers like Shaun Marcum and David Purcey available he'll be a fine 5 starter. But why do I want Overbay? He's a lefty with some pop, and almost every year has a good OBP, AND HE'S HEALTHY. He and LaRoche are our best options at 1B. Plus, he'll cost nothing with Maine and Francoeur gone

2. Sign Bobby Abreu to a 3 year, $20 million deal.

Explanation: The Mets are going to need an effective replacement in right, and I think Abreu is the man for the job. He's a historically good fielder who always puts up a good OBP. Unfortunately he's not going to take another one year deal, and I think at the least over the next 3 years he'll have an at least .360 OBP. The Dollars would be spread like so: 2010: $5 million, 2011: $7 million, 2012: $8 million. He really is the best option for a good hitting corner outfielder right now

3. Sign Ramon Hernandez to a 1-year, $2 million deal. OR Sign any catcher out there to a 1 year $2 million deal

Explanation: If he can be a catcher full time then put him there. If not get someone else. Really they're all the same. They all suck equally and honestly no one would sign for much more than that

4. Sign Rick Ankiel or Mike Cameron to a 1 year contract worth $4 or $8 million, respectively

Explanation: It's not too glamorous but I don't see much of a better option in CG

5. Sign Omar Infante, John McDonald, Jamey Carroll or Felipe Lopez to a 1 year, $1.5 million contract

Explanation: It's good for MI depth and one of them will sign for that generous price

6. Sign Erik Bedard to a $3 year, $45 million contract or try for John Lackey at whatever price he wants now

Explanation: The Mets really need a rotation upgrade. In the innings Bedard doesn't pitch we'll put in Holt or Mejia or Nieve or Gee

25 Man Roster:


Johan Santana

Erik Bedard/John Lackey

Mike Pelfrey

Jon Niese

Oliver Perez

Bobby Parnell

Fernando Nieve

Brian Stokes

Sean Green

Pedro Feliciano

Pat Misch

Francisco Rodriguez


Ramon Hernandez or whoever.

Omir Santos


Adam LaRoche or Lyle Overbay

Luis Castillo

David Wright

Jose Reyes

Omar Infante/John MacDonald/Jamey Carroll/Felipe Lopez

Angel Berroa


Bobby Abreu

Rick Ankiel or Mike Cameron

Daniel Murphy

Nick Evans

Angel Pagan

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