Addendeum to Firejerrymanuel

A few days ago firejerrymanuel made a very nice post about players who could be available for cheap via trade.

Names he put up included J.R. Towles, Matt Murton and Manny Parra


I'm just adding to the names:

George Kottaras - Pretty much worthless to the Red Sox and in trade value as well. Kottaras could have been a long term starting Catcher for the Red Sox in the worst case scenario where they didn't get Martinez and V-tek didn't come back. Kottaras, 27 next year, is a disciplined hitter who could compete for at least a platoon job at catcher. He costs all but no money to a major league club, and he has solid MiLB numbers so it shouldn't hurt to give him a shot. Spent the rest of this year recovering from a minor lower back injury.

Sean Marshall - Pretty much always available every off-season, Marshall is at the very least a serviceable lefty reliever. He has a solid fastball-curveball and has been at the fringe of the Chicago rotation every year. 27 next year as well, Marshall would be an interesting low-risk high-reward bargain. So far in 2009, Marshall has seen 44 appearances, 9 of them starts. He's pitched 74.2 innings, striking out 56, walking 30, with a 4.70 ERA. In previous years his ERA has been 3.92 and 3.86. Injury is a bit of trouble, but at most he'd be making $2.5 million after avoiding arbitration and would be good for the bullpen and/or 5 spot in the rotation.

Jonny Gomes - I'm not sure if he's a free agent after this year, but damn it he is a nice bat. Say what you want about his outfielding skills (Because they are HORRIBLE) but his power is phenomenal and he's disciplined, and maybe a move to first base would be beneficial to his uncanny ability to suck. Or you can always put his ass in AAA. Gomes is certainly making a case for himself at the plate with the Reds -- he has 15 homers in 188 at-bats -- but his bat seems to be underappreciated.

Luke Hochevar - Luke is actually an extremely undervalued pitcher in terms of performance. A casual baseball fan would shudder at wanting his 5.51 ERA on his/her favorite ballclub, but I'd welcome Hochevar with open arms. Hochevar's FIP numbers aren't incredible, but actually rather encouraging: in 2008 it was 4.43, and in 2009 it's 4.64. By no means are these numbers spectacular, but they are comparable (kind of) to Oliver Perez's 2007 and 2008: 4.35 and 4.68, and Hochevar's tRA is actually better. What we could be getting is a cheaper, less erratic Oliver Perez. What we'd trade? Knowing the Royals, the cost could be as low as Sean Green!


Mike Napoli - This is a huge stretch, but I'm sure for the right package, Napoli could be had. And Napoli is an all-star caliber player.

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