This Week in Mets Quotes

The ’07 and ’08 Mets disagree

It’s a fun part of the year if you’re doing it.

-Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said of scoreboard watching via 9/10 postgame.


Team meetings are all about timing

Every time I have a meeting we seem to play that way so I guess we won’t have anymore meetings

-Manuel via 9/10 postgame.

There was a better chance it'd look like they were responding if Doc pitched

-Davey Johnson explaining he would have meetings only on days that Doc was pitching via 9/10 postgame.

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Manuel on Winning

Despite where we are in the standings, the quest for a championship continues.

-Manuel via 9/10 postgame.

 If we did some things situationally, we had a shot.



To recap, Marriage or Having a good start = Maturation process

To get out of that inning like he did is part of the maturation process  

-Manuel speaking of Parnell’s steller start versus the Cubs. Via 9/4 postgame.

 It’s good to see the mental toughness.  That just shows the maturing process.

-Wright speaking of Parnell’s steller start versus the Cubs.  via 9/4 yahoo recap.


Remember that part in Major League where the bleacher fan…

As it came off his bat, I thought, 'That's too high.' Then it kept traveling and traveling.   Then it went to that part that's a little short. Once it got about halfway, I realized it wasn't going to be enough ... thankfully. 

-Cody Ross on Beltran’s grand slam bid via 9/09 postgame


It’s called strategy; it’s what good managers do

Any ball hit into the gaps is an automatic triple for your average runner.  It will be more beneficial to bunch our outfielders.


 Balls down the line are doubles pretty much no matter what you do.  You play it straightaway, and you might stop one in a hundred. But you can save some runs if you're bunched.

-Sullivan via 9/05 postgame.

The Cubs countered the defense alignment by hitting three balls out of the reach of the OF and into the stands.



I threw the kitchen sink at him.  It was a good way to finish.

-Pelfrey on capping off his excellent start by striking out Derek Lee via 9/06 postgame.


Personally, I don’t think he wanted it enough

I wanted to make the play.  I did everything I could. 

-Wright on his double play attempt against the Marlins via 9/09 postgame.


I’m a pretty big fan but I think jail is still worse

Coakley's antics cost him dearly -- "perhaps the worse punishment for any true Mets fan.'

-Queens District Attorney Richard Brown via 1010 wins
The Mets banned Coakley (that guy that streaked during the Braves game) for life from all their facilities including KeySpan Park and Tradition Field. 

However, I think he can still go to Buffalo or Bingo, so he’s got that going for him


No pressure John

I think he's pretty close to where he's going to be (in 2010.)  In St. Lucie, he was 91-94 mph.  I think we'll probably see that in the game on Sunday.

-Warthen on Maine via the Daily News


In other words, ‘we have to see if he’s any good’

We have to know where an individual is mentally and see whether it is productive to keep giving him an opportunity as to possibly developing or evolving into a guy who can start at this level

-Manuel via the NYT.


Quote of the Week

I thought I looked bad with the glasses.

—Braves C Brian McCann, in a text message to Wright via yahoo.

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