Amazin' Avenue Swag Contest: August Results

Congratulations to beelzebot, the winner of the Amazin' Avenue Swag Contest for August! Actually, Michkin won the month by a landslide, but having already won the July contest he wasn't eligible for another prize. So, yay second place!

For winning the August contest, beelzebot claimed the Essential Games Of Shea Stadium DVD Set, which is a six-disc collection featuring some of the most memorable Mets games played at Shea in their entirety.

Having won a month, beelzebot is not eligible to win another monthly contest this season. However, there's a chance to win a prize every single game for racking up a perfect 100 on that day's contest, so he (or any other monthly winner) could still cash in there. It's not easy to score perfectly; you have to get all five questions right, including nailing the pitcher's game score right on the nose. However, this is a neat way for past winners to keep playing and for folks who missed a few games or joined the monthly contest too late to participate and still win a prize even if they are too far behind to win the monthly contest. We've yet to have a 100-point scorer but we've had a handful of 90s.

Here are the top ten scores for the month of August:

Num User Score # Games Avg. High
1 Michkin 1121 28 40 64
2 beelzebot 992 28 35.4 79
3 BobbyV_Incognito 954 24 39.8 68
4 alexSVK 793 24 33 79
5 Sesmus 775 22 35.2 65
6 Kevin H 759 23 33 65
7 Durelo 561 22 25.5 59
8 WrightHOF 530 12 44.2 80
9 firejerrynow 373 11 33.9 88
10 metsguy234 283 9 31.4 67

The full August scoreboard can be found here. As a reminder, the scores for the month are aggregated by username and e-mail, so make sure you use the same ones every day. Also, make sure the e-mail address you use matches the one you signed up with here on AA; if you signed up at SB Nation with a junk email address, now is your chance to update that to your real one.

Thanks again to everyone who participated this month. I think we all had a lot of fun, and hopefully it made the games and the game chatters here a little more interesting. Here's to more fun and even more participation in September.

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