The End of the Phillies as We Know and Hate Them

is surprising soon. I can't guarantee it will be this year, though the law of averages suggest they're do for some significant injuries this year. 

No no, the phillies will certainly be no more after the end of the 2011 season.  Why you ask?  Simply put,  Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, Raul Ibanez and Shane Victorino will all be FA after the 2011 season.  Roll players Jason Werth, Jamie moyer, brad lidge and joe blanton are all FA after 2010.  Utley, Happ and Hallday will be the only signifigant players still signed after 2011.

Needless to say, with such massive overturn, the Phillies as we know and hate won't be the same for much longer.  Obviously not all of these players will leave through necessity, but here's the rundown

Werth: Too expensive for the Phillies

Moyer: Too old

Lidge: Headcase, gone

Blanton: Probably will be retained, but pitchers of his make up seem quite adept at snagging $8+ mill per year, even in down markets.

Howard: He'll find a home in the AL and likely will be a bust for his next employer.

Rollins: Tough to be retained because he's a SS who can hit and people will always buy that, but Phillies actually made the first right step by picking up the extension early.  However, Jeter is a FA after 2011 and won't be playing short that much longer.  Jeter to 2nd and Rollins a yankee? Could happen.

Hamels: Mr. Choke artist choked away last season and then quit on his team in the playoffs.  He's gone, cuz if he pitches good the next two years, he prices himself out the phillies market and if he sucks, why would they want him back.

Ibanez: He'll be old... really old and the AL would be a better fit at that point, but hey, roids worked wonders for Bonds.  Maybe they can keep Raul going into his early 40s.

Victorino:  He'll likely be retained, because he can hit, field and play CF, and the fans love him, and apparently he wants to stay.


Obviously, with all these contracts coming off the board, the Phillies will be a much different team after 2011.  Question is, who will they bring in and can they sustain a $140 million payroll in non-playoff years (nope).  

I will say this though, Amaro made a mistake trading away Cliff Lee.  It's not just that the prospect are incredibly uninspiring, its that this team clearly has a ticking clock and its win now or else.  Trading away Lee seems more than likely to be a money saving move rather than a farm saving move.  If Amaro really was so concerned with the long term viability of his team, he would of held onto the Halladay prospects and taken the two extra draft picks or rolled the dice with Lee.  But as it stands, his teams no better today than it was before the Hallday.  Sure, it'll be better in 2011 (assuming Lee wouldn't of signed) but after 2011... well then he's got a $20 mill boat with a lot of miles to work around.  



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