Welcome Back K-Rodder Applesauce - Mets settle w/ Rodriguez, Alderson back Thursday, Yanks/Phils lose

Meet the Mets

In what is probably the least gratifying news of the day, the Mets and closer Francisco Rodriguez have settled their grievance, leaving Rodriguez with a guaranteed contract and the Mets with an extra $3.1 million. While it may not satisfy anyone's sense of justice, it was probably the best the Mets could do going against the powerful MLBPA. At the very least it opens up a little bit more space in that strained 2011 Met budget.

In terms of baseball players who have not yet been arrested for domestic violence, there is some good news. While Brad Holt struggles with his control, there are still plenty of other young prospects putting up nice numbers in the AFL.

Sandy Alderson's second interview has a date: Thursday.

Ted Berg wonders if Giant fans mocked Willie McCovey as much as Met fans do David Wright. Ted also has another edition of Kiner's Korner Revisited out, this time talking about Tommy Lasorda.

Around MLB

Both playoff series went our way last night. First with the Giants Matt Cain shutting down the Phillies and giving San Francisco a 2-1 series lead.

The Rangers' Bengie Molina carried the Rangers past the AJ Burnett and the Yankees. Bengie is the second Molina who has broken New York baseball fans' hearts. Mike Silva thinks that this series proves Francoeur and Molina were wrongly disparaged by the Met fan base. (The Giants, Mike, probably know better and they're not missing Molina as they are on the verge of the World Series w/o Molina, so...) That game also saw New York first baseman Mark Teixeira leave the game with a strained hamstring that will probably cost him the rest of the playoffs. Also, check out the broken camera courtesy of Brett Gardner

Elsewhere in the division, the Nationals made some news, signing GM Mike Rizzo to a five year extension. Rizzo's latest draft pick, Bryce Harper, claims that the Nats will soon become the Yankees of the NL East. The guy does not lack confidence.

The Braves have released Melky Cabrera.

The Cubs have spurned Ryne Sandberg and named interim manager Mike Quade their fulltime skipper.

Bob Uecker is again facing heart surgery.

Yu Darvish insists he's staying at home in Japan.

And, finally, further proof that the curveball is mostly just an illusion.

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