Mets Community Prospect List 2010: #18


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Amazin' Avenue Mets Community Prospect List. Every poll will include eight candidates for the next spot on the list, as well as a separate group of testers.  Testers will be rotated into polls with each new installation, replacing each poll's winner and any name that's not getting votes.  After a few rounds, if a candidate on the ballot receives a decidedly low vote total , they'll be replaced on the ballot by a tester.

After the run-off, Steven Matz is the choice for the #17 prospect in the Mets' system with 72% of the votes. Armando Rodriguez has been added back to the ballot. To replace Matz, Robert Carson is back on the ballot. No testers have been added this round. To recap:

  1. Wilmer Flores
  2. Kirk Nieuwenhuis
  3. Reese Havens
  4. Matt Harvey
  5. Jeurys Familia
  6. Lucas Duda
  7. Darrell Ceciliani
  8. Aderlin Rodriguez
  9. Cesar Puello
  10. Zach Lutz
  11. Dillon Gee
  12. Kyle Allen
  13. Cory Vaughn
  14. Sean Ratliff
  15. Mark Cohoon
  16. Juan Urbina
  17. Steven Matz
  18. ???

The contenders:

Jefry Marte (19) A 3B .264/.333/.401, 366 PAs

Armando Rodriguez (22) SP A 146.0 IP, 3.08 ERA, 116 H, 46 BB, 152 K, 5 HR

Josh Satin (25) 2B AA .308/.395/.472, 332 PAs (245 in A+)

Eric Campbell (23) 3B AA .279/.328/.441, 199 PAs (196 in A+)

Scott Moviel (22) SP A+ 110.0 IP, 5.56 ERA, 126 H, 55 B, 90 K, 7 HR

Matt den Dekker (22) CF A- .346/.404/.471, 114 PAs (21 in Rk)

Brad Holt (23) A+ SP 65.0 IP, 7.48 ERA, 68 H, 56 BB (14 HBP), 62 K, 4 HR (30.0 debatably worse IP at AA)

Robert Carson (21) SP A+ 86.1 IP, 4.17 ERA, 98 H, 33 BB, 69 K, 5 HR (48.2 IP in AA where he was pretty bad- 8.32 ERA)

Testers: Zach Dotson, Jordany Valdespin, Wilfredo Tovar, Javier Rodriguez, Josh Stinson, Yohan Almonte, Robbie Shields, Kai Gronauer, Erik Goeddel, Akeel Morris, Eddie "Ruff Rider" Kunz

As always, voice opinions for the next ballot spot in the comments, and vote away!

This FanPost was contributed by a member of the community and was not subject to any vetting or approval process. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions, reasoning skills, or attention to grammar and usage rules held by the editors of this site.

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