Rooting interests in this post-season

I recognize this is a little light for a fanpost, but I also felt it a bit too long for a fanshot, so here it is.

Anyway, I've had a hard time getting excited about this post-season.  In fact, I've basically tuned out of all baseball stuff for the past couple of months.  But now that the bell has rung, I have of course begun getting back into baseball mode, and much to my wife's chagrin, I'm sure I'm going to watch as much of the post-season as I can.  With that said, I began wondering which teams I'll be rooting for, and so I've ranked the teams in order of which ones I'd most like to win, starting with the team that would cause me the least amount of agida should they emerge victorious.

1. Minnesota Twins: They've been in the playoffs six of the past nine years, so I'd like to see them finally have some post-season success.  Also, their fans are neither obnoxious prats nor disinterested ghosts.

2. Tampa Bay Rays:  Would have been number one except for the fan factor.  It does drive me nuts when good teams are treated with apathy.  That said, a hard team to root against.

3. Texas Rangers: This goes a bit against the reasoning for my first team, but I like seeing the new blood. 

4. Cincinnati Reds: Decent fans + some young superstars like Votto make this the least appalling of the NL playoff teams.

5. San Francisco Giants: I know this is a completely different team than the one from the early part of last decade, but it's hard to get over the taint of Barry Bonds and Mad Dog Russo. 

6. Atlanta Braves:  I know I should want this team to send Bobby Cox home with a championship, but it's the freaking Braves.  It's a sign of how much I've mellowed that I didn't list them 9th out of 8 teams. 

Yeah, there are two other teams, but another championship by either would be tough to stomach.  Gun against my head, I'd probably slightly prefer a Phillies championship over a Yankees victory simply because this might be the end of the Phillies window, whereas the Yankees are going to sickeningly keep chugging along for all eternity.  But a championship for either just might lead me to the brink of insanity.

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