Was R.A. Dickey robbed of the Comeback Player of the Year?

So if you didn't hear yet, Tim Hudson won the 2010 NL Comeback Player of the Year Award (Francisco Liriano won it in the AL). As a Mets fan, I am disappointed that R.A. Dickey did not win. However, I wanted to look at some numbers and see who actually deserved it. So here you go.


2009 WAR
Hudson: 0.7
Dickey: -.1

2010 WAR
Hudson: 2.7
Dickey: 2.9

Difference in WAR from 2009 to 2010
Hudson: +2
Dickey:+ 3

Dickey added a whole extra win more than Hudson.


2009 ERA
Hudson: 3.61
Dickey: 4.62

2010 ERA
Hudson: 2.83
Dickey: 2.84

Difference in ERA from 2009 to 2010
Hudson: -.78
Dickey: -1.78

Dickey trimmed a whole run off of his ERA more than Hudson.


2009 FIP
Hudson: 3.83
Dickey: 4.99

2010 FIP
Hudson: 4.09
Dickey: 3.65

Difference in FIP from 2009 to 2010
Hudson: +.26
Dickey: -1.34

Hudson actually pitched worse based on FIP this year than last year while Dickey improved his FIP by a run and a third.


2009 IP
Hudson: 42.1
Dickey: 64.1

2010 IP
Hudson: 228.2
Dickey: 174.1 (he also pitched an extra 60 innings in the minors but I havent included his minor league stats for this activity)



2009 WAR/IP
Hudson: .017
Dickey: -.002

In 2009, Hudson earned 17 thousandths of a win for every inning he pitched. Dickey lost a five thousandth  of a game for every inning he pitched in 2009.

2010 WAR/IP
Hudson: .011
Dickey: .017

Obviously this isn't the greatest stat as the number for all players would be extremely small, however this still shows that Dickey pitched better this year than Hudson in terms of performance in a period of time.

Difference in WAR/IP from 2009 to 2010
Hudson: -.06
Dickey: +.015

This is another metric that shows Hudson actually decreased his level of pitching from 2009 to 2010 while Dickey improved.


Thats about all the numbers you need. If you wanted you could look up some more numbers and most of them show Dickey improved more than Hudson. Namely, Dickey improved his WHIP more than Hudson did. I don't feel like copying the numbers down but Hudson improved his WHIP by .31 and Dickey improved his by .43. So yeah. No matter how you look at it, just about all the numbers point to Dickey deserving the Comeback Player of the Year Award more than Hudson. You could even make the case that Dickey had a better season period. But thats a discussion for another day.

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