Amazin' Avenue Charity Pledge Drive Results


Back in June, when David Wright at-bats generated so much wind power they could reasonably have applied for a federal green energy grant, we hatched an idea to turn lemons into lemonade and started our first ever Amazin' Avenue charity pledge drive. It was pretty simple: we collected pledges -- in comments and via e-mail -- on a per-strikeout basis, tallied them up, and called it "Ks for CARE" since we were directing all of the donations to CARE, a wonderful organization that fights global poverty with a particular emphasis placed on helping and empowering women in developing countries.

Well, the season is over, and the total amount pledged per David Wright strikeout was an amazing $13.89. While Wright did slow his early-season pace a bit, he still finished with 161 whiffs overall. A little bit of minor regression analysis, some sabermetric wizardry, and we come out with our grand pledge total of $2,276.54.

And that total doesn't include prop pledges -- side pledges that some folks made based on other criteria -- which tallied $278.50 for an assortment of things like:

  • $1 per R.A. Dickey win
  • $20 if Wright breaks team strikeout record
  • $10 if Chris Carter has more PA than Gary Matthews Jr.
  • $15 if Alex Cora's option doesn't vest
  • $.25 for each Jose Reyes stolen base
  • $.50 for each Jeff Francoeur outfield assist
  • $.50 for each Phillie hit by pitch ($1.00 if it's Shane Victorino)
  • $1 for each Wright double
  • $.50 for each Mets win

After we factor in the prop pledges, the true grand total amount pledged is:


Thank you so much to everyone who made a pledge. If you haven't done so already on your own, you can fulfill your pledged donation securely online from CARE's website. And just to get things started, I made my donation last night.

For those of you who made a public pledge in the comments you can find your final pledged amount after the fold. If you made a pledge via e-mail then I will send you your final pledged amount privately. I will also send e-mails to those who pledged publicly just as a reminder.

Oh, and if you didn't have an opportunity to make a pledge earlier in the season but you still want to get in on the generosity, do feel free to make an after-the-fact pledge (and donation) now either in the comments or via e-mail at It's never too late to help people in need.

Member Per K Pledge Prop Grand Total
Alex Nelson $0.50 $80.50 $80.50
astromets $0.10 $16.10 $39.50 $55.60
blueandorange4life $0.10 $16.10 $20.00 $36.10
bm01bath $0.10 $16.10 $16.10
BobbyV_Incognito $0.15 $24.15 $24.15
Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright $1.00 $161.00 $161.00
cjmulrain $0.10 $16.10 $16.10
CTRefJay $0.10 $16.10 $20.00 $36.10
Eric Simon $2.00 $322.00 $322.00
EricAColucci $0.10 $16.10 $16.10
Grikke $0.75 $120.75 $120.75
hotspur $0.15 $24.15 $7.50 $31.65
IanB in MD $1.00 $161.00 $161.00
James Kannengieser $0.50 $80.50 $15.00 $95.50
JohnPeterson $0.10 $16.10 $10.00 $26.10
KeithsMoustache $0.10 $16.10 $9.50 $25.60
Kevin H $0.25 $40.25 $40.25
mnbv $0.10 $16.10 $16.10
Reg Dunlop $0.10 $16.10 $16.10
Rob Castellano $1.00 $161.00 $161.00
ror0071619 $0.10 $16.10 $16.10
Sam Page $0.00 $0.00 $11.00 $11.00
Sir Tmac $0.20 $32.20 $32.20
Sokojoe $0.10 $16.10 $16.10
SuperT $0.40 $64.40 $20.00 $84.40
TedBerg $0.50 $80.50 $60.00 $140.50
tmu $1.00 $161.00 $89.00 $250.00
twon8 $1.00 $161.00 $161.00
voidstar $0.50 $80.50 $80.50
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