So how bout these apples

A new take on some ideas to improve the New Look Mets of 2011 and make them Winners.   

-NYM Send-  Pagan, Kirk, Lutz, Holt; CLE sends: Sizemore, Carmona; not sure if package is enough or needs more depending on valuation of Grady.  Also try to include Perez and cover 9 of 12 million.

-Sign Zach Duke


So my thesis on this and how the idea of trading Pagan will be seriously criticized.  Although Sizemore has been injured recently and had knee surgery end of last season I feel he is still going to be great.  Now some of you will question why I would want to add another CF with knee issues.  Since I think Sizemore will be fully recovered and able to produce like old, and he is still only 28; younger than Pagan's 29.  He will have more than enough time to fully recover.  Sizemore is a superior talent to Pagan in both hitting and fielding, and was the best player in MLB  the previous years.  I would much rather trust a proven veteran guy, although coming back from injury, over Pagan who only has one proven season at a later age.  And Pagan has also had his share of injuries.  Sizemore would give us a trio of young superstar talent at 27-28 yrs old with Wright, Reyes, Sizemore.  Add in veteran Bay, young guns Davis, Murphy and Thole.  Then next year the big boppin bat of  " oh' Duda Day" in RF when Beltran sails away gracefully.  Then the deal gets sweeter when we get Carmona as well.  He really adds another great arm to our rotation.  

I think that it is key we add quality starters because we really need insurance in case Johan isn't fully effective.  And making these moves would make our rotation a real strength.  Carmona will be a real asset, a young and still rising and talented starter.  Then adding Duke just rounds out a great rotation.  He will be much better on an improved team and is a great pitcher to have as a No.5.  This makes our rotation very deep.  In the beginning of the season we go with Pelfrey, Carmona, Dickey, Niese, Duke.  Then I think when Johan comes back a really useful move would be to move Dickey to the bullpen.  I think Dickey would be a great resource to have in the 'pen as a long man, and late reliever.  Then our rotation is very talented and stacked w Johan, Pelf, Carmona, Niese, Duke.  That rotation would produce serious results with abundant  potential from 2-5.  All four are 27 or younger and should improve greatly or have career years.  The it gets even better with the look of our lineup.  

I think this is the best part.  Not only or rotation will be filthy but our lineup will create a deadly combination.  Leading off with Reyes, Sizemore-CF, Wright, Beltran-RF, Bay, Davis, Murphy-2B, Thole. That lineup is loaded 1-6 with 7-8 hitters that have great potential.  Talk about Murphy who could be a real offensive surprise.  We know he is a good hitter, not to mention leading the sad '09 Mets in HR's.  Although Murphy might be a defensive liability though still reliable his offense will more than make up.  I see him as Uggla-Lite as he us currently lighting up AFL.  And it's a real boon to hold onto Beltran who should have a nice year.  I think would be the best scenario for our team next year and they would be awesome.  Here is what I would chalk up the potential for our offense:

Reyes: 14 HR, 65 RBI, 48 SB, .280   -  Rebound to form

Sizemore:  25 HR, 76 RBI, 23 SB, .274   -  Same; slight risk

Wright:  31 HR, 121 RBI, 26 SB, .310   -  Good old Wright way

Beltran:  22 HR, 92 RBI, 11 SB, .278  -  Walking around bases to new deal

Bay:  26 HR, 110 RBI, .268  -  Really not 6 HR bad

Davis:  25 HR, 89 RBI, .270  -  Natural power and expected improvement

Murphy:  18 HR, 72 RBI, .272  -  Proven offensive ability

Thole:  5 HR, 36 RBI, .282  - Solid avg with further offensive upside


Pelfrey:  17-8, 3.46  -  Due for another breakout

Carmona:  16-12, 3.54  -  Back toward old form

Santana:  14-8, 3.26  -  Steady production when healthy

Niese:  12-10, 3.87  - Decent growth year with upside

Duke:  11-9, 3.92  -  Nice year with added upside

Man, that looks pretty fricken sweet.  Who knows what will happen, but there is a definite chance they could produce like that.

And the survey says...

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