Trading Beltran and Reyes for...

..Dice-K, Lowrie, and Ellsbury.


Would the Red Sox consider this?  Should the Mets

The Mets 2011 line-up would look something like this if the trade was accepted:

Ellsbury LF

Pagan CF

Wright 3B

Bay RF

Davis 1B

Murphy 2B

Lowrie SS

Thole C



Mets starting pitching would include (until Johan returns):




R.A. Cockey


The battle for the fifth rotation spot includes Ollie P (ugh), Dillon Gee, and others

Comments from the Mets' perspective:

In this hypothetical lineup, (1) I think Pagan should play CF rather than Ellsbury because I think he's a better defender; (2) given that Pagan is in CF, I think Bay would be a better defensive RF than Ellsbury; and (3) if Castillo wins the 2B job, Castillo would need to bat lower.


Dice-K could possibly help the rotation as he would be aided by weak NL lineups and a bigger ballpark.  The mere change of scenery might also be an asset.


I don't know the Red Sox team well, but I think their 2011 line-up would be something along these lines:

Reyes SS

Pedroia 2B

Youkilis 1B/3B

Ortiz DH

Drew RF

Beltran LF

(unknown) 1B/3B

Cameron CF

Saltalamacchia C


Comments from the Red Sox perspective:

The Red Sox's starting pitching would be weaker, but not by much as they would still have Beckett, Lackey, Lester, and Bucholz in the rotation.


The Red Sox appear to be fed up with Dice-K and are not particularly enamored with Ellsbury either.


In addition to the Red Sox needing a clean bill of health on Beltran, they might also ask the Mets to include cash due to Beltran's $18 million salary next year (even though Dice-K is owed money after next year and Beltran and Reyes are not).


Health is a concern for Reyes as well, but he is clearly a safer bet than Beltran. 


If Manny played LF at Fenway, Beltran could as well (if he was amenable to moving from CF, which is a big "if").


Although the Red Sox are trading two younger players in Ellsbury and Lowrie, they are probably acquiring the best player in the deal - Reyes.


Finally, if the Red Sox wanted cash and/or prospects added to offset the risk of a Beltran and/or Reyes injury, would you do it?  Of course the question depends on the prospects demanded, but I'd consider enhancing the Mets' offer.

I think the Mets need to change the make-up of the team, and this would do it.

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