Testing Waters Applesauce - Mets dip toes in water with Young pursuit, Feliciano deadline tonight, Ojeda stays

Meet the Mets

Buster Olney originally reported last night that the Mets were close to a deal for starting pitcher and former San Diego Padre Chris Young. Two other baseball writers, Steve Popper and Andy Martino, say that the Mets are interested but nothing is imminent surrounding the 6'10" pitcher. My initial feelings are that this is a potentially strong move, but I will reserve final judgment until I see the terms of the deal.

Pedro Feliciano's decision on whether to accept the Mets' offer for arbitration comes down to midnight tonight. Patrick Flood points out how weird it'll be to see a Met team without Perpetual Pedro.

Apparently, it wasn't just Wally Backman who didn't like the Mets' hiring of Terry Collins as Jon Heyman gave the team a D+ and ranked them last among the MLB teams who hired a new skipper during the offseason. Joe Janish, no fan of the hire, defends the team from this weirdly bad grade.

Looks like we'll get to have Bob Ojeda on the SNY team for a few years longer.

Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez were both in New York yesterday for visits to the doctor after their latest injuries. Expect news to be announced today regarding the visits.

Greg Prince does an amazing job of presenting the knuckleballer RA DIckey through his 2010 quotes.

Around MLB

The Rockies are about to make a market busting splash, re-signing their star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to a 6 year extension through 2020, totaling $119 million. Color Craig Calcaterra confused as to why the Rockies felt the need to dish out so much guaranteed money so far into the future.

This is the first offseason in awhile that Yorvit Torrealba signed a new deal before I heard any speculation about a Met offer. He goes to the Rangers for two years.

So much for the McCourt divorce keeping the Dodger payroll down, they just signed Juan Uribe for three years, $21 million.

Maybe the Yankees won't be bidding against themselves on Derek Jeter. Leave it to Brian Sabean to show a little interest in the Yankee captain. Howard Megdal points out how rare it is for a 37+ year old shortstop to be much use to anyone, let alone worth $15 million/year.

And, finally, it's the second go-around for Roberto Alomar and Edgar Martinez  and the first shot for Rafael Palmeiro, Jeff Bagwell, and Larry Walker at the Hall of Fame. Joining them on this year's ballot will be Al Leiter, John Franco, and Lenny Harris.

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