AAOP: FX's solution.

As many of you know, I've been waiting far too long for this team to win.   Unlike most of you, I don't have that many years left to see it happen.  I want to win now, not 3 years from now is a phrase that I can identify with 100%.  Sadly, due to Omar's screw-ups, "now" seems very far away, and only the Duda upstairs knows when I'll be able to say "World Champtions" and "Mets" in the same sentence.  To put things in perspective, I have 2 sons, and both are older than  most of you.  The younger one was born in 1986, and was 4 months old when Orosco threw his glove up in the sky and fell to his knees with the arms up in the air  (see my avatar).   In 1999, we were crushed when the gambler walked in the losing run.  In 2000, we were beside ourselves when we could only scratch out one win against the steroid-ridden punks from the other side of town.  In 2006, we knew it was over when my compatriot El Duque didn't even make it to the roster for the postseason with the calf thing.  It wasn't so much that he would have made a huge difference, as it was "here we go again".  The last 4 years have been a miserable experience overall, with some good moments to remember sprinkled in to keep me from jumping off a bridge. The good news is, of course, that we are rid of the Omar regime, and it looks like the new sheriff may have a clue on how to put a team together, provided Jeffy can go play with hookers or something and leave him to do his work.

I don't pretend for a minute to have an in-depth understanding of advanced stats, nor do I intend to spend hours and hours mastering the craft.  I leave that to all of you young whipper snappers with the IBM 5150 living in your mom's basement.   I just want to enjoy my favorite team winning enough games to finish on top.   Speaking of winning games (in the future), let me share with you how I would fix this mess.


That sound you hear is $12,000,000.00   going down the tubes.   Release this bum.


Next,  no more of this crap....release him too.


So far, I've spent $18,000,000 of Wilpon's money in order to increase my life expectancy.


Now for the good stuff........who to keep.


Dubs:   I know I kill him on gamethreads, but honestly...  this is the best $14 million that Fred and Jeff will ever spend.

Jose:   Keep him for 2011, and if healthy give him a 4 year extension @ ~ $50 million.    $11 million for 2011.

Beltran:  Keep him for 2011.    $18.5 million.

Pagan:   I can't think of one thing I don't like about the 2010 Angel Pagan.   Keeper unless he goes back to the old habits.   $4 million, and 3 year extension at  $15 million if he plays well in 2011.

Ike:   We have Ike, and Ike, we like our Ike.   $400 K

Bay:   Hope he is healthy, showcase him, and move him next off-season.   $16 million.

Josh Thole:   I'm going out on a limb, and predicting Josh will replace Dubs as the new face of the franchise once Dubs' current contract expires after the 2012 season.   $400K

So far I have covered the starters, except for 2B.   For that, I would sign Hudson to a 1 year, $4.5 million deal, with a team option for 2012 at  $5 million, based on number of games played in 2011.


Now that the starting 8 are set, let's look at pitching.


Johan:   Being paid $22.5 million, and not pitching until mid season means 2011 is a lost year.  Since this is so, I wouldn't go out and shovel shit against the tide.   I would put together a passable rotation to get me to 2012, and make my move then.   The reason I choose this approach is that I am not trading prospects to get a pitcher that may not even be around when the team is finally able to compete for real.  Yes folks, you heard me right.  I am ready to sacrifice yet another year of my life in order to reap the reward in 2012 or 2013.  For 2011, I would go with this until Johan returns, and then one of the bottom 2 would go to the bullpen  


Pelfrey:     $5 million, and try to work out an extension that is reasonable  (3/21 would make me happy).

Dickey:      $3.5 million for 2011, with a team option for 2012 triggered by a combination of starts made and innings pitched.  The option year would pay $4 million, with a $1 million buyout.

Niese:      $400K

Misch:       $400K

Gee:          $400K



K-Rod       $11.5 million, and should be traded to a contender at the break.   I want him gone.

Igarashi    $1.75 million

Parnell      $400K


I would then sign the following arms for the bullpen.


Jesse Crain    2/6

Grant Balfor     2/6

John Rauch     2/8


The 7th spot for the BP would be determined out of ST.  As a place holder, I will go with Stoner at $400K


Finally, the bench:


Sign Willie Harris to 1 year, $2 million to be the 4th OF / defensive replacement.   I'm sure he will be used when Beltran's leg falls off in June.  At least he won't be making circus catches against us.

Some guy named Dick Vanes (#6).   I've heard he can play 1st base and OF.  I could have his name wrong. $400K.

Lucas Duda  as 5th OF.   $400 K

Miguel Olivo as 2nd catcher   1 year at $2.5 million and team option at $3 million.

Ruben Tejada.   I know he is best served at AAA, but hell......why not.    $400K



If my math is correct, the payroll is at  just about $149 million, including the money due to Perez and Castillo.  I know you guys will correct me if I screwed up any salaries.  I think most of them are correct.

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