Suggestions for a very Metropolitan AAOP


I don't have time to create my own roster so I decided to my out of the box recommendations to improve the Mets.  Feel free to comment or borrow my ideas, so long as when you speak of me, you speak well.  Keep in mind I'm just throwing out some ideas for someone to run with.  I did some research but I wasn't able to be as thorough as I'd like.


1.  The Dodgers.  The Dodgers have a lot of money invested in a lot of players and with their ownership still in question might be a good opportunity to swap struggling or under performing players.  As much as I'd love to see Andre Ethier in a Met uniform, I don't believe The Regime, as I respectfully refer to the Mets new front office, would be willing to give up as much as it would cost to trade for him. 


My targets:  Attainable, Matt Kemp and Chad Billingsley.  Long shots, Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw.

If Alderson really wants to make a splash in free agency next off-season, include Jason Bay in a package for Kemp/Billingsley with the Mets paying some of Bay's contract.  Kemp has had issues with playing hard and his commitment to the team has been questioned.  Manny did as he pleased and got away with it, Kemp however took a lot of criticism when he struggled.  Kemp is 26 and unfortunately feel victim to the Manny circus and a double standard.  He's a five-tool player and has potential to be Beltran esq. If Donny Baseball and the Dodger org. are willing to move him I think he'd be a great get for the Mets looking to replace Beltran as early as this season.  Billingsley struggled performing on the field and then struggled with injury.  A lot of it could be from overworking their young studs in Bills and Kershaw.  Unless for some amazing reason the Dodgers would be willing to move Kershaw to avoid paying him the big money he'll be due, Kershaw is making 440k.  Bills was rumored to be on the block last season and the Dodgers just committed a lot of money to Lilly making it difficult for them to keep all the arms they covet.  Not to mention if talks with the Brewers for Prince pick back up the Dodgers will definitely be inclined to free up money to sign Fielder long term.  If the Mets intend to cut Castillo an option might be to pay Castillo's contact and include him in a deal with LA.  They could use a veteran 2B, Castillo could even win the 2B job there. 


2.  The Tribe.  History will likely repeat itself for the Indians.  The last several seasons the Tribe have made a noticeable effort to avoid paying big contracts by trading their big names/talent before payday in return for prospects.  Travis Hafner a reminder of big money spent poorly.  Granted Sizemore and Carmona signed long term deals, both were generous home team discounts.  Looking at the Indians contracts I see a lot of players due raises and a lot of contracts expiring at the end of this season.


My targets:  Attainable, Fausto Carmona and Asdrubal Cabrera.  Long shots, Carlos Santana, Grady Sizemore and Rafael Perez.

Fausto was mentioned in rumors last season and I think he'll be traded at some point this season.  Another thing the Mets have going for them is the Indians value of players is interesting.  In my opinion, the Indians got more in return for Casey Blake than they received for Cliff Lee and CC.  The Tribe got Carlos Santana in the Blake trade but then acquired Lou Marson from the Phillies, among others for Lee.  I still believe the Mets could have put together a better package for Lee than the Phillies offered but that's me.  I'd love the Mets spend over budget for Lee but I long term he is 31 so a long term deal and even though he hasn't shown health issues he has logged a lot of innings and work the last few years.   Sorry, back to the tribe.  Asdrubal is due a pay raise and I think he's a great young talent.  He played SS last season but he can play 2B so if the Mets decide to move on from Reyes after this season Cabrera could be the next SS or a bridge to that player.  As I mentioned the Indians have two of the best catching prospects in MLB but they both can't play.  The Indians highest paid player is Pronk, who's limited to DH and LaPorta is the future at 1B meaning the Tribe have a great catcher to move.  If the Indians are content with Marson as the starter and Thole in a platoon, project and/or backup role then the Mets upgrade their starting catcher.  I think Grady would be interesting in the Mets lineup between Reyes and Wright, and if Pagan is in this deal, Sizemore could still spell Beltran in CF.  I don't see the fans taking well to trading Grady but I think the front office would pull the trigger if the deal is right.  Perez too is a right deal trade option.  I don't see him being moved bc the Tribe don't have a closer in waiting but his contract expires at the end of the season and the Tribe like getting as much from their players before free agency as possible.


Sorry for being a bit lengthy in my suggestions but I hope it was something to run with.  I just keep seeing similar players in most of these AAOP posts, and that's fine, but I wanted to offer a couple different ideas I haven't seen.  I know I didn't give any detailed trade suggestions or ideas but that's why I didn't do my own. You got a couple solid starting points or building blocks for improvement.  As long as the Mets get a couple solid arms in the rotation and pen this off-season I'd be content with the improvement that would provide this season.  Pavano the more consistent FA and Webb the gamble is who I'd go after if funds were available.  Let's go Mets.

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