This Week in Mets Quotes

Well at least he’s taking responsibility for not doing his job

“We appeared unprepared,” Manuel said. “And I have to take responsibility for that.” Via


Oh wait

"Manuel backed off a bit from his "unprepared" comments before Tuesday's game, saying he was "discouraged" at his team's inability to apply their preparation to the game." Via Noble Thoughts

You’re the best around, no one is ever going to take you down

"Am I the best you've ever played against?" Pelfrey talking smack to Blanco after beating him in cards via


Personally, I don’t think Maine wanted it

"We wanted to pitch well, and that’s the key to anything.  It’s frustrating.  But we still feel we have a good team." Manuel via nyt


Mets = Corks

"I thank them for their interest.  But it was just weird." Joel Pinero via thedailynews


I’ll give Jerry a hint, pinch hit with Alex Cora more

"We have still got to solve the riddle of hitting with men in scoring position."  Manuel via thedailynews


I don’t have a good feeling about this

"I have to be a quicker evaluator than I've been.  The quicker that I can get things right, hopefully the quicker that things could get on the right track.  Patience is probably not a thing that I will have much of." Manuel via thedailynews


The job of the GM is to build a team with $130 million payroll and feel that they will win some games

"I feel good that we're going to win some games." –Minaya via thedailynews


Look a rational voice in our front office

"We're watching it, and [Ike] is playing well, but we still have to take our time.  Davis still needs time to develop, both defensively and as a hitter. He just needs to play more.  Triple-A pitching is different from Double-A pitching, and major league pitching is different from those." John Ricco via thedailynews


Jay Horwitz is the target audience for Hot Tub Time Machine

"Two thumbs up" he says. Via Noble Thoughts


AA Quotes of the Week

"I want to make random shit up. Not do actual reporting. That's my stance." Bieser’s Balk responding to Burkhardt "reporting" that Maine would not make his next start based on "his gut."


"because f glavine, thats enough of a reason for me."  Kendy Namo

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