My Top-10 Worst Mets, ever

I gave my top-10 best Mets, now here's my top- 10 worst.   My 11-20 favorites wii be coming soon.

Top 10 Worst (Least Favorite) Mets, ever


10. DON HAHN (CF)   Decent fielder, nothing in the bat-nothing.  Sadly, he was a righty, at least these days a lefty/switch hitter with his skills could catch on as the 25th man on the roster. But Hahn really had no speed, either. If La Russa were his manager, Hahn would bat ninth, the pitcher eighth.


09. JOEL YOUNGBLOOD (OF/UTIL)   Joel was Mantle, next to Hahn, but was quite mysterious. If you rate him as a utility man, he is not on this list. But the Mets wanted him to be the slugger in their impotent late 70s order. Joel hit a few, but mostly struck out, frustrated. Across town, Reggie Jackson played Joel's position. Ouch !


08. JOE TORRE (3B-1B-PH-MANAGER)   Joe basically sucked at anything he tried as a Met. I remember going to a game at Shea, vs Houston (1976), and Joe hit into 4 DPs. The slowest team in the world, finally rewarded the slowest baserunner ( A 7.70 40 yard dash ?) ever, with the keys to the dugout.



07. LUIS CASTILLO (Current 2B)   Once a good fielder; once a fast runner. Once a good player has broken down, gained weight, and still can't hit. Fielding range is gone. You would move him to 1B, except what team would want to be embarrased by a 1B that may hit 3 HRs, tops. Omar should just "eat the contract".


06. TODD HUNDLEY (C- attempted OF)  Nothing better for an example, than a proud cigarette smoking player. Poor work ethic prevented him from learning the outfield, or anything else. Had 2 good years, but could have had a long career. What a waste of talent.


05. ROBERTO ALOMAR (2B)   This is all about spitting at an official. He should have been a leader, but never showed anything of the kind. Embarrassment to his great father.



04. KRIS BENSON/ VICTOR ZAMBRANO (RHPs)   Two guys brought in to pitch their best, and all we got was their worst. I blame this on Jim Duquette, as much, but these two guys just sucked. No pride shown. Poor examples of everything.



03.MIKE TORREZ (RHP)   Even when you are rebuilding, why would you want this clown ? He was an average pitcher in his younger years, terrible as he aged. "Debbie Downer", if there ever was, walking guys left and right.



02. ARMANDO BENITEZ (Closer RH)   Have you ever felt that your guy worked for the other team ? Talented, but al ways sucked when needed. Overpaid, overhyped buffoon, who was only good at eating and pissing people off.



01. TIM FOLI/ FRANKIE TAVERAS (SS, both)   No power. Not a problem, if the glove works. Foli, who called himself "Crazy Horse" ( I guess to try to be tough, but he was a geek ) was probably the worst shortstop I ever saw; Taveras was no better, although he could steal bases. Neither could get on base very regularly, neither could hit, and neither could control their temper. Both played their worst shortstop with the Mets. Poor team players, just poor players. I get cofused trying to determine which one was worse- so I grouped them together. Both hated by fans.

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