Staying Ahead of The Game

We all know that The Mets are riding a wave of good fortune combined with inept play from other teams during this hot streak.  A few things jump out at me as obvious issues David Wright will have to start hitting soon, Jerry cannot continue to use Fernando Nieve until his arm falls off, the only way Jenrry Mejia has any value as a reliever is if he is actually used and we cannot expect Mike Pelfrey to look like Dodgers-Kevin Brown for much longer.  I came up with some ideas that would make too much sense for the mets to adopt them.  Some of this has already been said and needs to be said again and others are ideas that i will attempt to claim ownership of.

  1. Give David Wright and Jeff Francoeur a rest- David is going through arguably the worst stretch of his career having K'd in 12 straight games.  Frenchy has also regressed after his great start.  Maybe a day off would get him to see the ball a little better.
  2. Dump Frank Catalanotto, bring up Dickey- At least until Murph returns, it wouldn't be an awful idea to carry 13 pitchers and I think R.A. Dickey would be the perfect pitcher to fill that spot given his performance in the Minors so far and the propensity for knuckleballers to be rubberarmed.  Smithtown's own has no value to this team and I'd rather have one extra reliever than an old guy who can't play. 
  3. It's Make or Break time for John Maine- Last year, The Phillies demoted Chan Ho Park from the rotation to the bullpen and all the sudden, he found life on his pitches and became arguably their best reliever down the stretch.  If John Maine has a couple more starts where he cannot find a groove, it might be time to call up Dillon Gee and convert Maine into a reliever.  I'm not saying it would work as well as it did with Park last year but any way we can get more innings out of that spot in the rotation decreases the chances of a bullpen faceplant in mid June. 
  4. Don't rush Murph back- With Ike Davis around, Daniel Murphy is of little use to the Mets as a first baseman.  The best course of action would be to turn Murph into a Ty Wigginton type or for that matter, a version of Alex Cora who might actually have business hitting in the two hole.  Time in the minors to try his hand at second and possibly short while getting reacclimated with the corner outfield might be ideal.  I would much rather have Murph as a platoon player than Fernando Tatis.  Maybe even bring up both Chris Carter and Murph, but that would be too much to ask for.
  5. Define a role and rules for Mejia and Stick to it- I understand the logic behind having Mejia in the bullpen even though I don't agree with it, but I don't understand jerking him around.  At least The Yankees pitched Joba regularly in high leverage situations.
  6. Either Fire Omar and Jerry or Keep them for the rest of the Year- Realistically, a firing will only short term impact if it's done midseason unless you hire someone with crazy powers (Socks?) There was a time to fire Jerry and Omar and it was last season, but that has passed and the chances of finding a suitable replacement that would truly change the "clubhouse culture" midseason is next to zero.  Since they were unfortunately retained this offseason; Jerry and Omar should at least finish out the season now that they've gotten this far.  My opinion on this issue could change rapidly though.

That's basically it, it's fairly exhaustive but not comprehensive.  Some are little things and some are smaller but it would be nice for this organization to have some structure. 

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