This Week in Mets Quotes

I’ve always been kind of indifferent toward Nieve.  This has changed forever.

"Before, I didn't know what was gonna happen. I was just trying to get confident. Now, I'm more focused on what I have to do. You can be prepared, like if someone's gonna punch you in the face, if you know, you can be prepared." Nieve via nypost.


Things I can’t comprehend: 1) Takahashi 2) This

“To pitch like he did, you can’t comprehend how valuable that is to a team.” Wright on Takahashi via MetsBlog


John Maine is an eternal optimist

“The wind, the coldness, you can’t do anything about it you just got to go out there and enjoy it,” Maine regarding how to make the most of everyday no matter what the weather via


Except with regards to himself

“I’ve never seen my fastball move like that. I guess it was the wind.” Maine via


Pelfrey explains how BABIP works

“I was obviously pretty lucky tonight.  I must be living right, or doing something.” Mike “Karma Chameleon” Pelfrey via  Concurrently, this probably explains Pelfrey’s high ERA.


My girl doesn’t agree with Jeff on this point

“.500 is nothing to throw a party about, by any means,” Frenchy via


Batting Jacobs and Smithtown in the middle of the order also didn’t help the fun

“I knew once some of those middle-of-the-order guys hit, it could be a lot of fun,” Jerry via SNY post game.


Jeff, we need you to explain the low April attendance in a way that doesn’t imply fans are jumping ship and also plug our network and….GO!

“Hey, in this weather, I think I’d stay home and watch on SNY too” Frenchy via nypost.


Ike is saying all the right things on his starting 1st baseman election campaign

“I definitely wasn’t the answer to why we won games. The pitching has been unbelievable. And people are starting to hit all over the yard.” Davis via the nypost


“I’m not hitting 40 home runs a year. I’m gonna hit some balls out and hopefully a lot of doubles. I couldn’t say I’m just a power hitter. I haven’t been around long enough to say I’m any type of hitter. Right now, I’m just trying to help the team.” Davis via the nypost

AA Quote of the Week

"in my parent's house" still has a corresponding geographic location...”  letsgocyclones response to Sam’s assertion that the hometown vote didn’t have an option for where he lived



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