Amazin' Avenue 2010 Season Predictions

Here are season predictions from our team of social media experts who also happen to be Mets fans.

NL East

Alex Eric James Sam
1 Phillies Phillies Braves Braves
2 Braves (WC)
Braves (WC)
Phillies Mets (WC)
3 Marlins Mets Marlins Phillies
4 Nationals Marlins Mets Marlins
5 Mets Nationals Nationals Nationals

Alex: Now, I'm not sure if I really believe the Mets are worse than the Nationals, but maybe if I say it, it won't happen. I do think the Nats might be baseball's most improved team in 2010. Unfortunately, I can't think of any reason not to pick the Phils in the East, but I do think the Braves could put up a good fight. The Fish could, too.

Eric: This is my version of optimism: the Mets finishing third instead of fourth (or fifth). Yea, the Opening Day lineup looks especially pitiful with the notable absences of Beltran and Reyes, but they still need an awful lot to go right just to sniff the Wild Card, let alone any kind of contention in the NL East.

James: Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but this will be the year that the injury bug finally hits the Phillies. The Braves are a talented team and if veterans Derek Lowe and Tim Hudson can rebound to be ~4 win pitchers their rotation will be formidable.

Sam: Now you tell me: who's smoking it? Me for predicting the Mets will win the wild card or Alex for predicting they lose out to the Nats?

NL Central

Alex Eric James Sam
1 Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
2 Cubs Brewers Brewers Brewers
3 Brewers Cubs Reds Reds
4 Reds Reds Cubs Cubs
5 Astros Astros Astros Astros
6 Pirates Pirates Pirates Pirates


NL West

Alex Eric James Sam
1 Rockies Rockies Rockies Dodgers
2 Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers (WC)
3 Diamondbacks Giants Giants Diamondbacks
4 Giants Diamondbacks Diamondbacks Giants
5 Padres Padres Padres Padres


AL East

Alex Eric James Sam
1 Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees
2 Red Sox (WC)
Red Sox (WC)
Red Sox (WC)
Rays (WC)
3 Rays Rays Rays Red Sox
4 Orioles Orioles Blue Jays Orioles
5 Blue Jays Blue Jays Orioles Blue Jays

AL Central

Alex Eric James Sam
1 White Sox Twins Twins Indians
2 Twins White Sox White Sox Twins
3 Indians Tigers Tigers White Sox
4 Tigers Indians Indians Tigers
5 Royals Royals Royals Royals

AL West

Alex Eric James Sam
1 Rangers Mariners Angels Rangers
2 Athletics Angels Rangers Mariners
3 Angels Rangers Mariners Angels
4 Mariners Athletics Athletics Athletics


Alex Eric James Sam
NLDS Champs
Phillies and Rockies Phillies and Cardinals Cardinals and Rockies Mets and Braves
ALDS Champs
Yankees and Red Sox Yankees and Red Sox Yankees and Red Sox Yankees and Rays
NLCS Champ
Rockies Phillies Cardinals Mets
ALCS Champ
Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees
WS Rockies Yankees Yankees Mets


Alex: Please. Anything but Phillies-Yankees again. I'm feeling half-lucky.

Eric: I'm not sure what I will have done to deserve two straight World Series featuring the Phillies and the Yankees, but damn it all for making me root for the Phillies again. Even Roy Halladay can't make up for the $70 million payroll disparity between these two teams as the Yankees surprise nobody but themselves in capturing their 28th championship.

James: Anyone but the Phillies.



Alex Eric James Sam
NL MVP Troy Tulowitzki Albert Pujols Troy Tulowitzki Lastings Milledge
AL MVP Mark Teixeira Alex Rodriguez Kevin Youkilis Evan Longoria
NL CY Roy Halladay Tim Lincecum Dan Haren Ricky Nolasco
AL CY Felix Hernandez Felix Hernandez CC Sabathia Jon Lester
NL ROY Jason Heyward Jason Heyward Jason Heyward Jenrry Mejia
AL ROY Carlos Santana Wade Davis Brian Matusz Austin Jackson


Alex: I think if the Rockies have a big year, Tulo will be the biggest reason. As for the NL Cy, it just feels like a forgone conclusion that Halladay will win it. Voters will be tired of giving it to Lincecum, and everybody loves a Phillie. The biggest surprise here is probably Santana, who I think will win the Indians' catching job by midseason and put up some really nice numbers while the more common candidates struggle here and there.

James: Tulo is a personal favorite and picking Albert Pujols is boring. Youk will win it because of the offseason storyline that the Red Sox don't have enough offense--he will have a big year at the plate, leading the Red Sox to the playoffs while dispelling the offseason questions.

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