This Week in Mets Quotes

April 8th is the perfect time to worry about your pitching staff
“I think an honest assessment is that we have to be somewhat concerned. We had some setbacks and some inconsistencies there last year, so we can’t just assume that that’s going to be lights out. We have some questions there.” – Jerry via newsday

April 9th is the perfect time to worry about your lineup
“We’re going to have some challenges here [regarding hitting.]” – Jerry via nyt

Unlike the C-Manuel, J-Manuel has plenty of options if guys get hurt
"I think we definitely wanted to make sure we build up our pitching, we don't have a lot of options, especially if guys get hurt. We definitely need some inventory. He can pitch. He's very serviceable."  - Charlie Manuel regarding Figgy, via ESPNNY

What would happen if doesn’t see the ball well
“I saw the ball a lot better today, even though I struck out twice.”- Mike Jacobs via ESPNNY

Pagan was a big fan of that movie with Kaiser Soze, that kid from Sixth Sense and the woman who totally was a home wrecker in Twister
“I wasn’t fluent. My teammates gave me the best help and I learned in like three months,” Pagan recalled. “If somebody did it for me, I have to do it for somebody else.” – via ESPNNY

 With these and his assessment of TMS (The Mejia Situation,) I’m starting to like the guy
“This guy’s got some special stuff,” Barajas said. “He’s got a chance to be a real good pitcher for a long time” via

"Good for the new guys" Barajas regarding the opening day preformance of Bay, GMJ and himself via

“I’m not saying he’s slow, but he’s a doubles guy.” Barajas referring to Jason Bay’s speed via nyt

Just for reference, Niese had a 6.52 ERA in spring, Figgy had a 4.61 ERA
"Jonathon was a guy in spring training who was one of our better pitchers," manager Jerry Manuel said. "I expect him to pitch well, just as he did all spring." Via nypost

Some false hustle, career OPS vs LHP for the Marlins starting lineup, .805, .556 (84 ABs,) .927, .801, .759, .873, .960 and 1.000 (9 ABs.)
[Jerry ] says the Marlins have trouble with left-handed pitching, so it’s a good match up for Niese. Via MetsBlog.

AA Quote of the Week
“This is the most disappointed I've been in the Mets in a very long time” – Metsguy234 reacting to the Mets final cuts.

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