This Week in Mets Quotes

Well, at least he apologized
"I didn't come here to fire anybody, guys. I'm sorry. That's not what we're doing."  Jeff Wilpon on his visit to Hotlanta via nydailynews

Never have so many words said so little
"We'll have to see obviously what direction we go, and then that will determine also how we feel the bullpen fits.  We'll do everything we can to keep it in a place where we feel very good about it, like we did coming out of spring training."  Manuel on Mejia’s ability to keep how he feels of the bullpen in a very good place via MetsBlog

Never have so few words said everything
"I have no idea." Manuel regarding Dickey via thedailynews

Was the Maine Sabotaged?
"It was the first batter of game.  Cut me a little bit of slack. They want to see 95 [mph] and didn't see it. . . . I'm sure he doesn't have any confidence in me."  Maine on being pulled after walking the first batter via nypost

"He said he would loosen up and then we saw 82, 83.  I told him I didn't want take a chance. He wanted to pitch. We got into a little exchange about that. I told him I was trying to protect his best interests. . . . If he's upset at me about that, that's OK."  Manuel via nypost

"I didn't get asked and that's what I'm concerned about.  They never asked see how I was. They just said, 'You're out.'"  Maine via nypost

"John's a habitual liar in a lot of ways about his own health."  Warthen via nypost

Personally, I want the opinion of someone who actually knows what they’re talking about
"Rod Barajas said Maine didn't look "right."" via nypost

If that’s the defintion of "OK,"  I wonder how Manuel would describe Maine’s actual start
"I hope we don't need that tonight," Manuel said. "Seven good innings [out of starter John Maine] would be OK."  Manuel via

Jason Bay teaches the MSM about sample sizes
"Own him?  It was one home run — one game.  I don’t really look at it like everybody else does. I understand how perceptions probably grow. It’s my only hit against him, so definitely somebody you don’t enjoy facing."  Bay when asked why he’s able to "own" Mariano Rivera via nypost

The Mets best internal GM replacement gives his opinion of Takahashi
"He’s got four pitches and can throw strikes whenever he wants.  He’s not predictable and keeps batters off balance."

"Technically he’s a rookie, but he pitched for the biggest team in Japan, so we know he’s pitched in some big games. And I’m sure he’ll treat it like another big one."  Rod Barajas via nypost

I really can’t be upset at a player when they answer like this
"First of all, it was dumb baserunning.  Bottom line, unless you know you can get there -- you’re 100 percent sure you can make it to second base -- being down three runs you stay at first. I know that. I’ve been taught that. And I’ve seen guys make those mistakes and I sit back and I’m like, ‘What are you thinking?’ Well, I’m sure we had 24 guys doing the same thing. It was bad. There’s no excuse for it. Off the bat I was just thinking, ‘two.’ I thought I could make it, but obviously I was wrong." Barajas on being thrown out at second in the ninth inning down by three via

Coming from Wright, these are pretty strong words for Manuel
"That could be one of the worst things right now.  I want to get out there and get the taste out of my mouth."

"The important thing is to go out there and win.  If he feels (Fernando) Tatis gives us the best chance to do that tonight, I'm all for it."  Wright via thedailynews

Amazin’ Avenue Quotes of the Week:  Lots of gems this week
"The fact that the entire Mets interweb has now turned into a debate on David Wright. It’s like Francoeur Avenue on crack."  CPP on what’s annoying him.

"I really hope Jerry decides to fire Jeff.  That’d be ideal."  Danieldotlewis on Jeff trip to Atlanta

"The 3PM fiasco.  Classless Mets fire Jerry in the afternoon; ruin his dinner."  James K’s on the MSM ability to spin

"The $12 Million LOOGY sounds like a B-level horror films from the 60s."  TheGlider on Ollie to the pen

TheGoodPhight’s Quote of the Week
"Mets... Kinda want to see the Mets win some to keep their manager and GM employed."  EastFallowfield via thegoodphight

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