This Week in Mets Quotes

As always, God Barajas has a plan and I like his plan
“I know he’s one of the biggest hitters in the game, and (Rod) Barajas had a good plan to get him out.  I stuck to the plan.” Takahashi on facing Ryan Howard via

It’s amazing how effortless Jerry can construct such labored sentences
“To have a performance such as that especially against two very good teams, elite teams, it lengthens the opportunity for him,” Manuel said about Takahashi’s continuing presence in the rotation via

Faith is a great way to make your baseball decisions
"You have to continue to have faith that you are one hit away. And that that hit is going to come."  Manuel via nydailynews 

Says Manuel as Mejia enters another blowout
“I'm always looking long-term.  If I begin to respond to the heat, that would blur my vision to the long term and that's what this is - a marathon."  Manuel via nydailynews 

“And what have you” is an official term that “pitching guys” use
"The pitching guys seem to think because of his resilience and what have you they feel he could give us at least 80 pitches.”  Manuel via nydailynews  

Takahashi has a great feel for his great command of his pitches
"Takahashi is a very good pitcher with great instincts, great command of his pitches. He has a great feel for that part of the game.”  Manuel via nydailynews

What, Jerry didn’t say that to his kid while watching Shawn Green
"It's cool [being Jewish and playing in New York.] Jerry Seinfeld turned to his kid and said, ‘Look, you can be Jewish and be a professional ballplayer.' In that sense it's a good thing, for sure."  Davis via

I guess you can define a lefty with 6 different pitches and an odd delivery as a regular pitcher
“You are used to guys who have everyday stuff, but it’s very rare that you see a knuckleballer. Two in a row is even rarer—like Halley’s Comet.  Tomorrow we get a regular pitcher and try to right the ship.”  Ryan Howard after getting shut down by Dickey and Wakefield and before Takahashi via

If you win, I don’t mind if you throw slower than Eri Yoshida
“I think I would’ve caught a lot of flak from my teammates if [Moyer] threw a fastball harder than I did.”  Dickey via

I think on any other team Jeff would be benched, but still funny comment
“He never smiles. Hits a double and looks like he’s supposed to do it. … If we were in St. Louis, I’d be batting ninth and he’d be batting eighth.”  Frenchy on Valdes hot hitting via

I agree with the anonymous player if there actually is one
"We're trying to win games here and get something going. That's all that should matter."  Anonymous player on Frankie complaining about being used with a four run lead via nydailynews

AA Quote of the Week
The RA Dickey Entendre thread

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