This Week in Mets Quotes

Bay’s cheerleading helped as much as his bat

“You’re scuffling a little bit and you want to help out, but I completely understand the move. That’s baseball. I went out there and put a cheerleading cap on and tried to help that way.” Jason Bay putting on his Tobias Funke cap via nyt.

Be prepared for anything unless there’s only a definite possibility of the event occuring

“I haven’t even looked at that.  I mean, that’s definitely a possibility. Off days give you that flexibility, no doubt about it. But I haven’t even thought of that option, not at all.” Jerry on whether Pelfrey’s start will be skipped via nyt.

Sometimes I think Jerry doesn’t quite use words correctly

“He’s been impressive in that manner.”  Jerry regarding “the manner” Barajas hits in big spot.  Wait, I think big spots are “the manner.”  Via nyt

"To some degree, we have pitched well (and) we have played good defense.  For the most part, we just haven't had that big hit." Jerry regarding his love for unnecessary qualifiers in his sentences via dailynews

Best job in the world

"He just looks more relaxed this year," said the gray-haired one.  "Last year, you could see him squeezing the bat," added the younger one. "The team was having a tough time, and he was obviously trying to do it all himself."  Had anything changed about Wright's swing or approach that could explain why, after he managed just 10 home runs in 2009, he had already hit seven by May 5 this season?  Both scouts shook their heads. "No," said the older one. "You can just see that he's not pressing."

Grey-haired, older scout (I’m guessing, the older is the one with the grey hair) and younger one via dailynews

I think Ike is going to make a fine old-timey manager

"Go get 'em tomorrow" Ike Davis after the Mets loss on Monday, the Mets proceeded to get ‘em on Tuesday but were got by the Reds on Wednesday via dailynews

This seems familiar

"I'm frustrated now. I was getting better. I felt like I was making progress earlier. It's not healing as fast as it was. Now that I'm on the field, I'm banging on it,  I'm trying to get it right. But I'm also beating on it a little bit.”  Murphy regarding how his rehab is going via dailynews

Omar lobby 2009 wasn’t management’s fault

“At the end of the day you are only as good as your players.  Unfortunately for Jerry and all of us, we didn’t have the players (last year).”  Omar via nypost

Alex Cora agrees with the man that gave him a $2 mil contract

"I always remember what Ozzie Guillen said: 'You can't win the Kentucky Derby with donkeys.' I don't want to say we were donkeys, but there was no way we were going to win the Kentucky Derby last year."  Cora via

I wonder who he means by “We”

“Right now we are going to wait until the end of the year.  We all hope that Jerry is going to be part of this program for many years to come.”  Omar regarding giving Jerry a contract extension via nypost

Consistent doesn’t mean good

“Jerry Manuel is being himself.  He’s very consistent and I think good managers are consistent.” Omar via nypost

Didn’t they do this last year as well

“I do believe you make adjustments, and one of the things Jerry and (pitching coach) Dan Warthen brought out in spring training is making sure we stick with fundamentals.”  Omar via nypost

Like pitching 4 days in a row, putting a starter in the bullpen and having your two best hitters warm the bench

“Jerry’s job right now is to give these guys confidence, put them in situations where they can succeed and so far that has worked.”  Omar via nypost

Omar really can fit a lot of dumb in one interview but at least he’ll be gone by the end of the season.  Right?

“They don’t have to do that because I have a contract for two years beyond this year,” Omar regarding the need for the Wilpons to give him job assurance via nypost

AA Classic Quote of the Week

Mo Vaughn's Lunchbox 3/3/09

I see some of you Mets fans are residents of our nation’s capital. I’ve always thought about moving to Washington, DC. I hear the government runs this thing called the Department of Steak. Man would I like to get a job there! I’d be all reclining like in my office chair, with my steak pad and A-1 sauce pen, and I’ll call the Secretary of Steak in and she’ll be like, ‘Yes Mr. Vaughn,’ and I’ll be like, ‘bring me a steak,’ and she’ll say ‘Yes, of course, anything else, Mr. Vaughn?’ and I’ll say ‘Yes, bring me three steaks,’ and then she’ll say ‘Very good, Mr. Vaughn. Also may I point out that your necktie is a steak,’ and I’ll be all, ‘Splendid, Ms Secretary,’ and she’ll be like, ‘Will that be all then, Mr. Vaughn?’ and I’ll be like, ‘Yes, just bring me twelve steaks,’ and then the Secretary of Steak will leave and I’ll start eating my necktie steak and I’ll be like ‘Om nom nom this is the best the necktie steak ever!’

Haha, thats exactly what it would be like if I moved to Washington, DC!

-Kendy Namo

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