This Week in Mets Quotes

Davis tried using JerryBall but decided to win the game instead
“I was trying to hit a ball in the gaps somewhere and get to second base, then maybe have someone bunt me over.  But he hung the splitter. I saw it pretty early and put a good swing on it.” Davis on his game winning HR via

Ignoring Facts to Fit My Narrative, That’s My Stance
(My apologies but I didn’t DVR the game but I scribbled some notes in my moleskine, not verbatim, but pretty close)  “Mike pitched so poorly in Spring Training that Jerry moved him from the second spot to the fifth spot, so I asked Jerry if this was a motivational move to try to get Pelfrey going.  Jerry said he wished he could say that it was but it was just a result of his poor performance…now, I just want to ask you guys [Darling and Cohen] if you think it was Pelfrey was motivated to improve by being moved down in the rotation and, ‘no matter what anyone says (verbatim)’ I think it has caused him to become better.” Burkhardt during Friday night’s game

Well a Stanford man will set Burkhardt straight
“Absolutely” Darling responding to Burkhardt

Gary show them why you’re the best
“I think if it has helped Pelfrey, it’s a fraction of the improvement and not a big reason why he is 8-2[sic] with a 2.39 ERA.  I think the big reasons are his new splitter and his improvement in his control.” Cohen responding to Burkhardt

Wait, so proper rest and rehab is the best way to treat injuries
“Ever since I came off the DL, I haven’t felt anything.  Before that, I felt some lingering soreness. When I went on the DL, I got some rest and it’s paid off.”  Niese regarding his hamstring via

Sure, it seems like Niese threw a great game, but I want a second opinion
“He had no-hit stuff.  When a guy has that kind of control and command, that’s a night when something special happens.”  Rod Barajas via

I’m proud of Matt for sticking to his guns
“…oh, and yes, i’m still proud of pelfrey…”  Matt Cerrone via MetsBlog

Reyes is proud of Pelfrey
“It was good to tie the game for Pelfrey.  He pitched unbelievable.” Reyes via

Pelfrey has marbles
“I looked at it that we’ve got a guy at second base, so what?  I’m not going to let him score.” Pelfrey via

So, now we like the dimensions
“If you watch us play at home, I expect us to win the division.  We’ve accepted we’re going to play to our advantage with this field.” Frenchy via

AA Quote of the Week
“In a related story, NY Governor David Paterson said he agreed with Jim Joyces original call.” Reg Dunlop riffing off of Michigan’s governor declaring Galarraga’s game perfect.

SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week
“Right, my point is... if we’re laughing at the hilarity of Santos and Francoeur trying to reach .300 OBP in 2010, how did Reyes’ piss poor .295 OBP escape our satirical barbs?  Seems odd, eh?” Mex_17 missing the point of this MSPaint

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