This Week in Mets Quotes

Everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

"I'm fine, I'm fine, I can run.  When I start running, I'm OK, but when I stop, I need to get a couple of minutes.  When I play, the next day, I don't feel 100%. I don't feel good."  Castillo via thedailynews.

So this is the sharp wit Jerry is known for

"It's probably his brothers, sisters, cousins, Leroy, all them guys back there in the south. You know how southern guys are. Jethro, all those guys.”  Jerry on Frenchy taking advice from everyone via


Wright is proud of Mike Pelfrey

“With the 1-2 punch of Johan and Mike, I mean, it gives us a good chance to win two out of every five days. You know that when those two guys take the mound they’re going to give everything they have and keep you in the ballgame. They expect to pitch deep in the game and dominate.” Wright via


Pelfrey spring training dreams of becoming a real pitcher are becoming a reality

“You can see why he’s had so much success this year.  He’s tough and that splitter he throws is really good.” Padres catcher Nick Hundley via


It sounds like Hairston is trying to convince the reporter

“They’re a pretty good team, man, they really are, and for us to have an outburst like that, it’s good to see.” Jerry Hairston via


Maybe this will get Ollie’s head right

"Ollie, que pasa?" Davis said, pausing from typing a text message to offer a high five via thedailynews

Strawberry hit a home run

"The best way to continue to get eight innings out of the starter.  Other than that, we might have to take a look at it and possibly make some adjustments."  Jerry on how to deal with his bullpen via thedailynews.

Jerry believes in regression to the mean just don’t phrase it that way to him

"If you're putting yourself in a position to win, it will even out."  Jerry via thedailynews.

AA Quote of the Week

One thing that weighs heavily on my mind:

What does Joe West think about the blown call? Has anyone asked his publicist for a statement? Catsmeat

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