This Week in Mets Quotes

Wait, now Jose has fire
"I admire Jose. Jose didn't want to come out of the lineup. He was disappointed he couldn't play. I admire his fire." Omar via nydailynews

When Jerry says ‘something were to go wrong’ he means if all their decisions were the wrong ones
"We left spring training anticipating that if something were to go wrong as it did last year ... the system was ready to produce major league players.  Things have happened, and those guys have come up and played extremely well. They fit in great." Jerry via nydailynews

When Jerry says ‘ironic’ he means coincidence and when he means coincidence he means makes perfect sense
"It was ironic today early, you didn't see many swings or even attempts at the changeup, and as he began to mix other pitches in, they started to swing and miss at some changeups."  Jerry via nydailynews

When Jerry says ‘remain in character,’ he means the Mets need to be more like Phillip Seymour Hoffman and less like Jimmy Fallon
"You still have to remain in character.  And that is something we didn't do." Jerry on the Mets first loss in PR via nydailynews

Oh that Canadian humor
"If I string together 15 more good years in a row I’ll hit that 3,000 mark, be good to go," Bay via

Frenchy is proud of the Mets
"At this point, I think you have to say we’re a pretty good baseball team," Francoeur via

Bay is prouder
"I think a lot was made of this stretch of nine games against (top) teams.  Let’s not forget that we’re one of them."  Bay via

As part of a baseball hazing ritual, the Mets dressed their rookies in Team USA World Cup uniforms for their trip to Puerto Rico. Tight-fitting navy blue jerseys, cut off haphazardly at the stomach, some with holes in ‘em.  High white socks, short-shorts, mini soccer balls for props.
"Ike doesn’t look too good," Rod Barajas via

"Look at him. That’s a bad body in that USA outfit."  Frenchy via

"None of ‘em look any good," Wright via

AA Quote of the Week
"Of course hustling is hard, that’s why it’s called hustle and not fun-times-at-leisurely-pace. I hated hustling.  Hustling blows.  Why can’t I walk off the field after an inning?  It’s hot out.  It’s not like I’m going to delay the game with my casual stroll back to the bench.  But Upton is getting paid to hustle, and that was during a live ball, so absolutely he has no excuse.  I just wanted to point out that hustle IS hard and that’s why no one ever wants to hustle, or if they do then they are probably amped up on drugs."  Ken Dynamo on why hustling ain’t easy

AA Awfully Awesome Player Name Pun of the Week
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David Wright can't read - fxcarden

But he sure can wright - enigma2029

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