This Week in Mets Quotes

So to sum up, the Mets had no business playing the game of Baseball
“We had no business losing that game, and at the same time, there was a point we had no business winning that game.”  Jason Bay via  

Goddamn it, Tak! You're a goddamn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard. You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 160. You are goddamn gifted, Private Tak.
“I knew something was wrong because I gave them six runs,” Takahashi via

How to be a Future Manager Chapter 1:  Compare losing a baseball game to sodomy
Cora not happy with clubhouse laughter after another #Mets loss. Yells out, "A little respect please. They stuck it up our ass!"  Alex Cora with his -0.2 WAR telling the Mets how to behave themselves via Lennon’s tweet

I’m going to assume Cora was alone brooding in the corner
“To get fired up for tonight, Mets were watching "Old School" in the clubhouse. Plenty of laughs.”  Via Kevin Burkhardt tweeter

I don’t know what he means by differently, maybe instead of shutting us out for 8 innings he would have went 9
“I really didn’t know I was 4-0. You should’ve told me. I would’ve pitched differently,” Kuroda when told he is 4-0 in 6 matchups versus his fellow countrymen via

The Mets problem, selfish pitchers in the back of the rotation content with pitching well while not getting a W
“I’m happy because I did what I’m supposed to do, so I don’t feel any frustration right now because that’s baseball.  I did a great job and he did a great job.”  Takahashi being the losing pitcher in a 2-0 game via

“I felt it was an outing that we fought tooth and nail and I gave our guys a chance to win.” Dickey on giving up 3 ERs in 7 innings and losing 3-2 via

I sense a theme
You can say that (Zito) pitched really well, but I still believe at some point that we have to unlock this offense a little bit.  I didn’t see us have very many opportunities or very many good swings at him. We’ve got to do a better job.”  Manuel after the 7/16 game via

 “You kind of expect a little bit better output then we got today.”  Manuel after the 7/20 game via  

“Offensively, we’re just not clicking.  We’ve got too many guys that are not hitting and that’s not a good way to operate.”  Manuel after the 7/21 game via  

“We still aren’t able to put anything together.  We’ve got to eventually turn this thing around. We’re not doing ourselves any good by playing close games and losing them. Somebody’s got to find a way to get hot and carry us for a minute.”  Manuel after the 7/22 game via

AA Quote of the Week
“For starters, why haven’t the fires so long dormant underneath the asses of the mets yet been reignited? this is unacceptable. ass fire is never to be not lit...secondly, the mets need to start demanding performance from their players. it is not a good long term strategy to accept players from around the league who no longer want to try hard but still want to be professional baseball players...furthermore, i saw david wright play for 5 innings and hit ZERO HOME RUNS. this is not going to allow them to clear the hurdle of the lack of respect they get around the league from teams who hit home runs at the command of their television audience (unlike the mets)...finally, i too am majorly pissed right off and demand that the wilpons demand a champtionhsip for a change! the exact nature of these changes that i am demanding that wilpon demand will be delineated in a subsequent fan post or never, most likely the latter option.”  Kendy Namo responding to Strawberry18’s “fanpost”

SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week
Why are is the world filled with stupid people?”  RangersandMets regarding poor comments in a NYPost Mets thread.  Sorry, RangersandMets.

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