This Week in Mets Quotes

This is by far the smartest thing Jerry has said this year
“Wins and losses, those are my responsibilities.  You can point at different things, but you’ve got to look at the manager.”  Manuel via nyt

This is by far the smartest thing Frenchy has said this year
“It’s pretty tough to walk me.”  Jeff via nyt

He added, but do you Mets fans remember that time I beat him?
“[Beltran] beat me today.  You tip your hat.”  Wainwright via nyt

A number of Mets fans would beg to differ
“We didn’t have much to pull on [Beltran,] scouting report-wise, because he’s only had a few at-bats.  But Carlos Beltran is Carlos Beltran. It’s like, what do you think of Albert Pujols? What do you think of David Wright? These guys are superstars. They’ll always get the respect until they’re out of the game.”  Wainwright on Beltran via nyt

I’m not proud of Matthew Cerrone
“[Perez] should never have been given that ridiculous contract.” 
Cerrone on 7/27/10

“The thing i like most about [Perez’ contract] is that, even if perez is a total bust, and regresses, the Mets can move this contract had he ever signed for five years and $60 million, like he was initially looking for, he’d be a total albatross… but, if the Mets were too eat some of the money, there will always be a taker for a 28–year-old lefty earning, say, $16 million over two years…”  Cerrone on 2/2/09

Who are these baseball people?  Also, you can feel free to add your own Jerry riding Dickey comment
“What the baseball people have said is that if you get a knuckleballer and he’s got a hot hand, ride him.”  Manuel via nyt

What a selfish player, expecting the fans to be happy about his return
“Who knows?  I’m just happy to be here, happy to play the game. I’m not looking forward to any special reception. I’m just trying to go outside and play the game and win ballgames.”  Beltran via nyt

What a selfish player, throwing his batting coach under the bus
“When we have a bad day or bad series offensively, everything reflects on him.  But at the same time, when we have good days, it reflects on him also. This last road trip, we weren’t able to hit the way we know we can hit as a team. There’s a lot of speculation out there, but I don’t believe in that. If somebody has to blame somebody, it has to be the players.”  Beltran via nyt

But Alex Cora said that smiles and rainbows causes losing
“The way we played didn’t resemble a 2-9 road trip. There was a lot of smiling and fun in the dugout.” 8-2 win

By my math, that means 25%
“We kind of halfway expect that to start happening here very soon.”  Manuel on Beltran breaking out via nyt

Both make compelling arguments
“Just because [Hessman’s] a veteran guy and knows the ropes of the International League, I don’t think that makes him Crash Davis.” Thole via nyt

“He’s Crash Davis because he hits home runs.”  Carter via nyt

I hope Hessman isn’t taking his time in the show for granted
“I’m sure people have probably labeled me that.  I’ve had a couple brief little stints up in the major leagues, but no regular playing time. It’s a blessing just to be up here.”  Hessman via nyt

“I’ll do whatever they want me to do.  I’m excited to be here. I can help teams win ballgames. I love the game.”  Hessman via nyt

AA Quote of the Week
“The only type of leader I want on this team is Henry Blanco shanking people with seeming randomness. Never underestimate the motivational power of an uncontrolled knife-wielding maniac.

I'm envisioning something like this:

Pelfrey: So then the pet store owner says, “Guinea pig?! Then where did you put my wife!!!”

Crowd of reporters: AHAHAHAHAHA

Cora: [stands there with pissy look on face]

Blanco: MUERE!!!! [stabs Raul Valdes with switchblade, clubhouse falls into dead silence, Mets win nine straight]



SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week
“Yep, Barajas killed us in 2007, 2008, and 2009...Thank god he's finally DLed.  It will be funny to see what inconsequential bit player gets scapegoated next for this team’s perennial woes.  Beer vendor? Grounds crew? Traveling secretary?”  Mex_17

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