What I would like us to do.

I would like to take Thole/Barajas (preferably Barajas), Flores, and F. Martinez and go get pitching. Obviously, Lee would be the jewel that we could get, but I don't know if we could get him with that package, but assume we do. Then you have to put Takahashi back in the pen, and at that point bring Mejia back into the pen. That should really solidify the pen. Then I think you have to convince a limping Beltran that playing center is just too much running for him this season, and put him in right instead of Francoeur. I want to keep Tejada at second instead of Castillo when he comes back. Tejada just turns the double play so well, and I like a guy that you don't have to worry that he's going to come up lame every other play. Plus then you'd have Castillo's bat/speed off of the bench. Our 25 would end up looking like the below. I think this would be a great lineup with a lot of young talent, set for the future. I know getting Lee is a long shot, and I don't want him as a rental, but maybe you could put Oswalt, Carmona, Westbrook, or Millwood in there and it would still be an upgrade, especially since we would be able to put Takahashi back in the pen and Mejia if we don't trade him. Anyway, it's just my thought.

Lineup                                         Rotation                     Pen                           Bench

1. Reyes, SS                              1. Lee                         Igarashi                    Blanco, C

2. Pagan, CF                              2. Pelfrey                   Takahashi                Tatis, IN

3. Beltran, RF                             3. Santana                Nieve                         Carter, OF

4. Wright, 3B                               4. Niese                    Feliciano                   Francoeur, OF

5. Bay, LF                                    5. Dickey                   Dessens                   Castillo, IF

6. Davis, 1B                                                                    Parnell

7. Thole, C                                                                      Mejia

8. Tejada, 2B                                                                  Rodriguez

9. Pitcher

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