Do we need another SP? I think so, but who should we go after

Thanks to some of the moves made 40-50 games ago, the Mets are truly competing for a playoff spot and possible NL East title. The promotions of Chris Carter, Tejada, Jesus Feliciano, and especially R.A. Dickey plus moving Tak2 into th estarting rotation has propelled the Mets into a legitimate contendor.

While Tak2 has been competing, I would say the team would be better off bringing in another SP and moving him back to the bullpen and using him for 2+ innings. It would not be terrible if he stayed in the rotation but I believe to truly win the division and make a run aduring the playoffs we could use someone else.

Everyone has talked about Cliff Lee, and he is avery nice addition to any staff. He could easily help us make the playoffs and more. There are some other options and I wonder what people think.

Like most Mets fans I think we have a few very good prospects coming up, and do not want to lose too much, but I also understand you have to give up something to get something. I think Mejia, Havens, and Captain Kirk should be untouchable in the minors along with Davis up here. I and Davis because I have seen posts suggesting giving him up to get Lee.

Here are 3 guys who seem to be headed out from their current teams that would interest me if I were GM:


   Name  Team   GS  W  L  SV  BS  HLD  CG  SHO   IP  H  R   ER   HR  BB   K     ERA  WHIP     BAA   

 Dan Haren ARI   18    7    6    0    0    0    1    0    123.1    137    67    60    19  24  119   4.38    1.31    .280   

 Roy Oswalt HOU   17  5   10    0    0    0    0    0   111.0    92    44    41    11    31  104   3.32    1.11    .225   

 Cliff Lee SEA     13    8    3    0    0    0    5    1    103.2    92    31    27    5    6    89    2.34    0.95    .231 

I actually like Haren as a Met a lot. Now I like Lee, but feel he will test the FA merket after the season. He will get a big contract from someone and could be hard to retain. I would make a trade for Lee only if I felt he would come back.

 Dan Haren is going to be 30 by the end os the season and is signed through 2012 at 4yrs $44.75 million with a club option for 2013 at $15.5 million. 

Roy Oswalt is going to be 33 by the end of the season and is signed until 2011 at 5yrs/$73 million with a club option at $16 million for 2012.

Cliff Lee is going to be 32 by the end of the season and is signed for only the rest of the season at $8 million.

If I were GM I would push for Haren. I believe we could get him cheaper than Lee, and we would have him until at least 2012, and if he pitches well until 2013 along with Johan who we have until 2013 with the option until 2014.

Anyone of these guys gives us a great 1,2,3 punch, and with Neise pitching extremely well since returning from the DL and Dickey pitching well maybe the best SP in all of baseball making it hard to figure out who to sit in the playoffs. Wouldn't that be a great problem to have?

Who do you like out of the 3? Someone else?


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