This Week in Mets Quotes

I think this guy might have anger management problems
"Did, I f***ing pitch tonight? Why do I have to talk to you guys?"  Frankie says relax via thedailynews

It kind of sounds like K-Rod is a baby, somebody should tell him that

"Usually when we have K-Rod the night before (he saved Tuesday's win), we don't expect him to have four or five outs the next night, just one inning.  These are big games, no doubt about it. If we can't try to get that one out (with another pitcher), we'll probably lose him (Rodriguez) the next 10-15 days."  Manuel via thedailynews

Maybe that wasn’t the best idea

"Stop acting like a baby.  Man up, and play better." Peña, Frankie’s father in law, before being assaulted according to one source via dailynews

How to respond if a reporter asks if Frankie’s incident will distract the team

"We've had a lot of distractions this year, so one more wasn't going to make a difference.  You don't want to have a guy like Rodriguez be in that situation. It's disappointing it happens here at the ballpark, in the family room, but at the same time we have to support our teammate."  Beltran via dailynews

Now, Jerry just copy Beltran, remember don’t laugh at a serious situation and don’t take a dig at your team

"Asked if he was concerned that the incident would be a distraction to the team, Jerry Manuel laughed and said, "No, I'm not. We've had a lot of things go on here and there. We are men, and things come our way, and we still have a job to do. We have to perform, which right now we're not very well. But we still have to put forth our best effort."  via dailynews

Please continue, where would an ideal location be exactly

"There's not an ideal location for that, I think."  David Wright regarding Frankie’s incident via dailynews

Pagan’s stellar season continues

"My family wasn't there, thank God," Pagan via dailynews

I think this cop might be a Yankee fan

"He slapped his father-in-law around and then bolted.  People were shouting after him, 'Hey, you can't leave,' but he got in his car and left...Dumb on and off the field, I guess."  a Police source via dailynews

Signs that the clubhouse is out of control, beating a defenseless bench and beating an old man

"There are signs that guys are out of control," said Ojeda, mentioning David Wright taking his frustration out on a defenseless bench with his bat via the dailynews

"Has he (Manuel) lost control of the clubhouse, or does he just have a rogue guy with a bad temper on his hands who likes to beat up old people?" Ojeda via the dailynews.

Stop making poor decisions and we’ll stop letting you know

"When you make decisions and they don't work out, New York will let you know."  Manuel via thedailynews

In times like these, a manager has to protect his players

"That was kind of an unusual sight for a center fielder that plays every day, to not have the bearing as to where you are."  Manuel on Beltran hitting the fence while attempting to rob a HR via dailynews

"They just weren't able to get it done," Manuel regarding the teams latest road trip via dailynews

AA Quote of the Week

"Using words like "correlation" doesn’t give your bad argument extra weight."  Riise responding to tmu (who seems to be a decent guy) comment that there is a correlation when you observe the team’s record with and without Beltran.

SiteBot FacePalm Quote of the Week

"The Mets are a sorry org. They release the only player who seems to have any fire left. I guess calling out teammates who are joking around, despite being on a losing streak, is going to get you released."  GiantPaul1954 via mlbtraderumors

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