Some 2011 Ideas

Well 2010 was done in the spring training, so let's take a peek at 2011.

Moves to be done:


Personnel to let go: Manuel, Minaya.

Players to let Walk: Castillo (If you can pay Frenchy and Escobar 5 mil for nothing,you can pay for Castillo as well) Francoeur, Maine, Kelvim Escobar, Igarashi, Sean Green, Tatis, Dessens, Barajas.

Players to trade: Ollie Perez (If unable to do this, simply keep in minors or hope for breakthrough in Spring Training). Not worth the roster spot.


Personnel to hire: 1) Paul DePodesta or Josh Byrnes. This is probably unrealistic because the Wilpons will feel more comfortable with someone like Ricco who they can control and manipulate, but I'd like someone numbers minded as a complete 180 from the Minaya regime.

2) "Insert anyone who can give a good interview and doesn't believe in the Sac bunt here".

Players to acquire via Free Agency:

1) JJ Hardy- My major controversial plan is to move Reyes to 2nd and put someone with a consistent glove at SS. Reyes isn't an awful fielder (+3.7 career UZR/150) , but an upgrade is necessary for serious playoff contention. (Hardy- +11.9 UZR/150) Plus it may help his poor injury woes. Contract: 2 years 13 mil with club option for 3rd year.

2) Marcus Thames- A solid 10th man who can flat out rake (career 340 wOBA in the AL). Can passably sub for Bay in Left, Pagan in Right or Davis at 1B. Contract: 1 year 1 mil + performance bonuses

3) Jorge De La Rosa- Flying WAY Under the radar. Has put up 3 QS in his last 4 games. Hasn't appeared to have lost velocity since coming off injury either (FB velocity is at 93.6 which is consistent with his career figures). High ERA (5.01) and mediocre record (4-3) should help to drive cost down. This would be a steal in my mind. Contract: 3 years  28 mil + Club option for 4th year.

4) Jake Westbrook- Best out of the mediocre bunch featuring Lilly, Vazquez, and Bonderman. Westbrook has not lost any velocity like Vazquez or Bonderman, and has a career xFIP of 4.02 that has been consistent throughout his career. Contract: 3 years 25 mil + performance bonuses. 

5) Grant Balfour- one of the best relievers in baseball the last few years. He's averaged a 3.58 xFIP the past 3 years while pitching in the AL East. Could easily fit into setup or 7th inning role. Contract: 2 years 10 mil


Players to resign:

Henry Blanco


C) Thole/Blanco

1B) Davis

2B) Reyes

SS) Hardy

3B) Wright

LF) Bay

CF) Beltran

RF) Pagan

B) Thames

B) F-Mart

B) Tejada

B) Hessman

B) Feliciano




SP: Santana

SP: De La Rosa

SP: Westbrook

SP: Pelfrey

SP: Niese

SS: Dickey


MR: Gee

MR: Parnell


MR: Acosta

SU: Balfour

SU: Takahashi

CL: Rodriguez



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