This Week in Mets Quotes

How to be a ML manager:  Lesson 1

"[Players] will never tell you that they don't want to play, so you have to kind of read into some of the answers that you get."  Jerry via dailynews

Now, apply the lesson, clearly Beltran needs rest

"I'm good.  We had a conversation a week ago, and he said he was going to give me a day every once in a while. . . . I don't need rest, man. I need to play."  Beltran via dailynews

The standards were a bit different for our $13 million closer

“Sure. Oh yeah. I think [Hisa] can get it done for us.  I think the key becomes resiliency. If we happen to get on a run, how many days can he go back-to-back? I think that would be the real key.”  Jerry via

Pat Misch is so feared in the league his name is dared not said

“We were 1 for 19 or something like that against this guy until the seventh inning and to see the guys put some good at bats together and get some hits was good.”  Houston Manager Brad Mills via  

[Insert your own Dickey joke]

“I knew, from the way it felt out of my hand, I had a chance at a special night.” Dickey via

[Too easy] Sometimes I have a feeling Dickey is doing this on purpose

“It’s been a long time coming.” Dickey via

I’m pretty sure this excuse wouldn’t work with his wife

“[Regarding Frankie’s altercation] As men, once you have all that information as men, I think we all would have reacted in some form. Maybe not in that form, but in some form."  Jerry via dailynews

I’m pretty sure this excuse wouldn’t work with his wife

“We’re struggling right now with the bats—the middle of the order.  We’ve got to find a way to unlock that.”  Jerry via

He added “You know, offensively”

“We have to do more offensively.  We have to find a way to get it done. That’s a poor effort on our part offensively. We just have to do better.”  Jerry via

At this point, I would prefer 4 hits from Reyes than a win

“It was a real good night and it’s even better when you get a win.  I’ll trade four hits anytime for a win. So that was a real good game for us.”  Reyes via  

‘And did some things’ is manager speak for ‘I don’t know how to end this sentence’

“He had a good night, played good defense for us, got on base, got some hits for us and did some things.”  Jerry on Reyes via

Beltran is the perfect man... I mean sports role model

“(The) first year I was offended [by Houston fans’ boos,] but now I have to laugh.  People are saying crazy things out there, but … that’s part of the past. I have to move forward, so I have to turn the page and you have to turn the page also.”  Beltran via

AA Quote of the Week

Mets training staff tried to take an x-ray of Wright's queasy-bone.  When they couldn’t find it, they did multiple whole-body CT scans. He’s now out for the year with radiation poisoning”  HotChipWillBreakYourLegs

AA Tangent conversation of the Week:  Are Scots also Brits?

“He was British, well, before emigrating at least.  Not many people know that.” Deadspy3

“Not British he was Scottish.  His Nickname in was the Staten Island Scot.” Sir Tmac


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